Prep for the CPA Exam in far less time—with two intensive course formats.

Need to prepare for the CPA Exam, but only have a limited amount of time? Becker offers two intensive course formats that deliver the same content as our regular classes but in weeks, not months.

1. FastPass®

Becker FastPass is an intensive course designed to help you prepare for the CPA Exam in a shortened timeframe. FastPass delivers the same content as our standard CPA Exam Review course, but in as little as 12 weeks, instead of months. FastPass is offered in both live classroom and online formats. If you are truly dedicated to jump starting your career and willing to make an additional learning commitment as soon as you graduate, FastPass can provide enormous benefits.

Why choose Becker FastPass?

Choose this compressed time frame option if you:

  • Need to prepare for the CPA Exam as soon as you graduate from college.
  • Want to gain a competitive edge over your peers in the job market.
  • Want to earn your CPA designation before you join your new employer.
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2. Atlanta Intensive

If you’re willing and able to devote five weeks to a course of study that normally takes six months, the Atlanta Intensive course is for you. It's held in the summer in Atlanta, Georgia. During this 5-week course, students prepare for all four parts of the exam, staying onsite for the most focused learning time. A typical day includes 100% live lectures, led by highly rated and experienced CPA instructors. Students also take part in class exercises and supervised study periods, where they can receive guidance from instructors.

Why Choose the Atlanta Intensive?

You may want to choose the Atlanta Intensive if you:

  • Want an intensive study program.
  • Have a limited period of time to study and sit for the CPA Exam.
  • Want to join a community of focused learners.
  • Need time away from home and work interruptions.
$4,995 (for all four parts)

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