Oklahoma CPA Exam Requirements


Education Requirements

150 Semester Hours Required to Sit for the Exam? Yes
Minimum Degree Required: Baccalaureate

Additional Educational Requirements

  • 30 semester hours in accounting above introductory level (minimum of one auditing course) and
  • 9 upper division hours in business courses
  • At least 76 credit hours must be upper division


Baccalaureate with 150 semester hours.

Residency Requirements

U.S. Citizenship Required: No
Applicant must be a resident, employee, OR have office in the state? Yes

Age Requirements

Age Minimum: None

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Oklahoma CPA Exam Requirements exam fees

Initial Application Fee: $50
Audit: $193.45
Financial: $193.45
Regulation: $193.45
Business: $193.45
Total: $823.80

Special Fees: $50.00 application fee for each application submitted regardless of number of parts

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Oklahoma CPA Exam Requirements state board contacts

Oklahoma Accountancy Board
201 N.W. 63rd Street
Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Web: www.ok.gov/oab_web/
Phone: 405-521-2397
Fax: 405-521-3118

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Oklahoma CPA Exam Requirements Application Process

  • Review exam requirements

    To sit for the CPA exam as a first-time four-part candidate in Oklahoma, follow these steps: You must be a resident of Oklahoma and you will need:

    1. A Bachelor’s degree with 150 credit hours of college credit, and

    2. At least 76 hours must be at the upper-division level, and

    3. 30 hours of Accounting above the introductory or principles level (at least one course must be in auditing), and

    4. 9 upper-division hours in business law, economics, statistics, finance, business management, marketing, business communication, management information systems or computer science.

  • Submit your exam application, enroll in Becker
    If you meet the educational requirements, complete and file the “Application for Qualification” from the state website. Transcripts, a photograph and a $50 fee are required. Additional information may be required depending on individual circumstances. Applicants will receive written notification of the approval status. At this time you should also begin planning your study approach by making inquiries into CPA reviews available in your area. The Becker CPA Review offers classes live or online to accommodate the needs of all candidates.
  • Request and forward your transcripts
    Once eligibility is approved, complete and file the “Candidate for Examination Application” from the state website. This requires a $50 fee with each application and the candidate may apply for one to four parts of the exam with this application.
  • Pay your exam fees
    You will receive a payment coupon for exam fees of $773.80 for all four parts, which must be paid within ninety days. Once fees are paid, you will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) which is good for six months; however, since every third is non-testing, the NTS covers four testing months.
  • Schedule your exam
    Your NTS allows you to start scheduling your exams. You can sit for the exam parts in any sequence so you can plan your reviews to coincide with your exam scheduling. The most efficient approach is to sit for two parts in each exam window; however, exam fees paid for parts not taken are not refundable. Exam times are scheduled with Prometric and can be set up online at www.prometric.com/cpa. You can take the exam at a site in McAlester, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Woodward, or any other Prometric location that is convenient to you.