Oregon CPA Exam Requirements


Education Requirements

150 Semester Hours Required to Sit for the Exam? Yes
Minimum Degree Required: Baccalaureate

Additional Educational Requirements

  • 24 semester hours in accounting plus
  • 24 semester hours in accounting or in related business subjects


Baccalaureate with 150 semester hours.

Residency Requirements

U.S. Citizenship Required: No
Applicant must be a resident, employee, OR have office in the state? No

Age Requirements

Age Minimum: None

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Oregon CPA Exam Requirements exam fees

Initial Application Fee: $100
Audit: $193.45
Financial: $193.45
Regulation: $173.60
Business: $173.60
Total: $834.10

Special Fees: $50 re-examination application fee

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Oregon CPA Exam Requirements state board contacts

Oregon State Board of Accountancy
3218 Pringle Road, S.E. #110
Salem, OR 97302-6307

Web: egov.oregon.gov/BOA/
Phone: 503-378-4181
Fax: 503-378-3575

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Oregon CPA Exam Requirements Application Process

  • Review exam requirements

    To sit for the CPA exam as a first-time four-part candidate in Oregon, follow these steps: You will need:

    1. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with 150* hours of college credit, and

    2. 24 hours in Accounting courses, and

    3. 24 hours in Accounting and business-related courses such as economics, finance and written/oral communications.

    *Courses from community colleges are acceptable if they can be transferred to an accredited four-year college or university, although the course may not necessarily be transferred.

  • Submit your exam application, enroll in Becker
    If you meet the educational requirements, complete and file the CPA Exam Application and the Candidate Release Form from the state website. An application fee of $100 is required and transcripts must be sent directly to the State Board. At this time you should also begin planning your study approach by making inquiries into CPA reviews available in your area. The Becker CPA Review offers classes live or online to accommodate the needs of all candidates.
  • Request and forward your transcripts
    After eligibility is verified, the Board will send an Authorization to Test (ATT) to the candidate and to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) for processing through the National Candidate Database. The ATT is valid for 90 days.
  • Pay your exam fees
    After the candidate application has been processed, a payment coupon will be sent to the applicant. The exam fees for all four parts will total $734.10 and are payable to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) within a 90-day period. Once payments are received by NASBA, a Notice to Schedule (NTS) will be issued to the candidate.
  • Schedule your exam
    Your NTS allows you to start scheduling your exams. You can sit for the exam parts in any sequence so you can plan your reviews to coincide with your exam scheduling. The most efficient approach is to sit for two parts in each exam window; however, exam fees paid for parts not taken are not refundable. Exam times are scheduled with Prometric and can be set up online at www.prometric.com/cpa. You can take the exam at a site in Eugene, Milwaukie, Salem, or any other Prometric location that is convenient to you.