GuideRN for the NCLEX-RN market

NCLEX-RN Self Study

Becker Professional Education’s GuideRN helps you make the most out of your study for the NCLEX®. Becker’s online lecture video modules present tested subject matter in a straight-forward, easy to understand format. Beckers GuideRN is designed to help prepare you to reach your goal of becoming a board certified nurse quickly and efficiently.

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Becker’s learning methodology focuses on patterns and concepts that illustrate the fundamentals of medicine. This integrated, holistic approach to exam preparation helps prepare you to see the connections between concepts with the aim of helping you perform well on the NCLEX and in your nursing career.

GuideRN includes access to the following features and benefits:

21 Core Subject Topics

  • A full curriculum of nursing subjects to help you prepare for the NCLEX, including Nursing Sciences, Fundamental Skills, Professional Standards, and Examination Preparation.

Modular Online Video Content

  • GuideRN offers over 30 hours of modular online content grounded in the fundamentals of medicine.

Vivid Illustrations and Photos

  • Full-color illustrations and photos providing a lively presentation of nursing subjects.

High-Resolution Animations

  • Embedded animations bring medical topics to life and illustrate the processes of the human body.

Conceptual and Content-Based Review

  • End of chapter practice questions enhance understanding of specific nursing subjects.

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This offering is not BPE ACCET accredited.