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At Becker Professional Education (formerly Falcon Physician Reviews), our flexible formats are designed to fit your lifestyle, desired study schedule and learning style. Each format provides the same comprehensive learning tools and focused approach specifically structured to help you pass the USMLE with the highest possible score.



Want a structured experience and face-to-face interaction with your instructor and fellow students?

Our Live format offers:

  • A scheduled, structured environment, to make sure you cover all the bases
  • Daily discussions with faculty and peers help you think about and apply what you learn

Live Online

USMLE Self Study

The best mix of flexibility and structure accessible anywhere.

Take our Ultimate Live Online format if:

  • You like the structure of weekly lectures—but accessible anywhere
  • You want to interact with your instructor and fellow students—but your schedule doesn’t allow for a live class


USMLE Self Study

Want an approach that balances flexibility with structure?

Our Self-Study format gives you:

  • The convenience of learning at your own pace
  • The ability to focus your efforts on the subjects where you need the most preparation
  • Over 200 hours of multimedia instruction to guide you through exam-relevant content

Get Ready for the USMLE — with Becker

Make no mistake: the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is the toughest exam you may ever take. Let us help you rise to the challenge. We know what content is exam-relevant, how to present it, and how to teach you to apply that knowledge to solve the problems the USMLE will present.

At Becker, we’ve helped nearly half a million people prepare to succeed and overcome the challenges of the USMLE and other professional exams. Let us help you achieve your personal best and move forward on your journey to a successful medical practice.



What you need to be eligible for the USMLE Step 1, 2 CK/CS

Your eligibility to sit for the USMLE Step 1, 2 CK or CS depends on the accreditation held by the medical school you’re enrolled in or attended within or outside of the United States.


How to Apply for the USMLE

To apply for the USMLE, you must complete the designated application based on where you are or have attended school to the specific entity.

Students from the U.S. or Canada
For students who are enrolled or have attended a medical school in the United States or Canada accredited by the LCME or AOA the application must be submitted

Students from outside the U.S. or Canada
Students who are enrolled or have attended a medical school outside the United States or Canada the application must be submitted to ECFMG.

Applications to take the USMLE can be submitted at any time during the year, and the process usually takes from four to six weeks. Learn More


Get Ready to Score Higher on Your USMLE

Once you’ve applied for the USMLE, it’s time to start preparing.

To give you the best chance of passing with the highest possible score, Becker’s USMLE Review course covers exam-focused material to help you understand what you learn and apply it on the exam.

Preview Becker’s USMLE Review

Take a look inside Becker’s USMLE Review course.

Schedule Your Exam

Once your application has been processed you’ll receive your scheduling permit, which is required to schedule your exam at a Prometric Test Center.

You may take the test on any day that it is offered during your assigned eligibility period, provided that there is space at the Prometric Test Center you choose.


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Prepare for Success on your USMLE

You’ve worked hard and prepared diligently—and now, your efforts are about to pay off. Since Becker’s course materials are designed to provide you with exam-focused content, you’ll be ready to succeed on exam day.

Becker has laid out a program that can help you successfully create your study plan until your exam day.



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At Becker, our USMLE Review gives you exactly what you need to succeed on the exam. And we back everything with The Becker Promise®: If you prepare with us but don’t pass the USMLE, you may repeat your course at no additional tuition cost.