Why should I take the BEC section now?

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The CPA Exam is undergoing a major transformation with CPA Evolution in January 2024. The exam is moving to a Core-Plus-Discipline model where candidates must pass three Core exams plus one of three new Discipline exams. Are you worried about the new Discipline exams? Do you want to get a jump start on your CPA Exam prep before the changes? These recommendations are for you.

If you take and pass BEC before December 15, 2023 (the last day to test in 2023), you will not have to take one of the new, more advanced topic discipline exam sections.

Be sure you know the important deadlines that apply to you by reading our Key dates to keep in mind for taking BEC in 2023 blog.

Why take BEC now? 

  • BEC is regarded by many students as the easiest of the current exam sections.
  • The new Discipline sections include more advanced topics. 
  • Testing for the Discipline sections will only be available for one month each quarter in 2024.
  • You can focus on any remaining core exams in 2024.

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