Free demo of the Becker CPA Exam Review

Becker understands that preparing for the CPA Exam requires an enormous investment of time, energy and finances. Familiarizing yourself with the content and skills covered in each section of the exam is crucial to success, but so is knowing the exam’s format and functionality, and having a trusted CPA Exam review provider (like Becker) every step of the way. Choosing a provider is a big decision, so that’s why we welcome you to give us a try with our CPA Review for free. To do that, there’s Becker’s free 14-day demo of our CPA Exam Review course.

Becker can help -- we provide our CPA review for free, through an immersive 14 day free trial, letting you experience how we teach and structure our course review. Becker’s free CPA review demo follows the AICPA blueprint and includes a user interface that mirrors the exam, so you’ll be familiar with the structure come exam day.

Becker’s exclusive Adapt2U Technology, powered by Sana Labs’ AI technology, maximizes the effectiveness of your study time, regardless of your learning style or initial skill level. And with access to our CPA review for free, you can get a head start on your CPA journey.

Becker’s free CPA review course demo is designed to ensure students prepare with the most current content on the CPA Exam. Our free CPA review course demo provides access to:

Two full units per content section

That’s a total of eight units and 16 modules, giving you a jump-start on the full Becker learning experience.

31 hours of lectures

Our instructors are among the best experts in the industry, and not just because of their expansive knowledge, but for their personalities, engagement and passion for teaching. Yes, you can even experience Peter Olinto’s high-energy, magnetic teaching with our free CPA review course!

Approximately 1,500 multiple-choice questions

Our free demo doesn’t skimp on quality -- we include multiple-choice questions written by our subject matter experts, plus ones previously provided by the AICPA.

Approximately 100 task-based simulations and SkillMaster video tutorials

Let our Becker expert instructors lead you through the four types of task-based simulations you’ll encounter on the CPA Exam. With our SkillMaster videos, they offer strategies and techniques that can help you work through the simulations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unlimited practice tests

We mean it - unlimited practice tests. Put your knowledge to the test and learn your areas of strength, and areas where Becker can help in getting you exam-day ready.

Digital flashcards

Flashcards are a convenient way to drill home information and commit to memory the most important principles -- all in a portable format for learning anywhere, anytime.

Progress syncing from demo to purchase

Doing well in your free CPA review course demo from Becker? Great news -- all of your progress is saved and will automatically transfer over once you make a purchase of Becker CPA Exam Review, so no starting over and redoing sections you have completed during your free trial period.

The CPA Exam is a huge challenge that requires a significant investment of your time and energy—we recommend that CPA candidates spend about 500 total hours studying for the exam. The process is long and, if done improperly, can be very costly. Accessing our free CPA review course can help you get a head start on the rigorous studying required.

Register for a 14-day trial of the Becker CPA Exam Review for free.

Experience Becker’s course with a complimentary 14-day demo and you will have access to:


Becker Demo benefits
Content Two full units per section 
(8 units total |  61 modules)
Lecture 31 hours
Multiple-choice questions 1,490+
Task-based simulations and SkillMaster Videos ~100
Adaptive Personalized Review Sessions 60+
Unlimited Practice Tests
Digital Flash Cards
Progress Syncing from Demo to Purchase