CPA Exam Review FastPass® Course

Prep for the CPA Exam in far less time—with our intensive course formats.

Need to prepare for the CPA Exam, but only have a limited amount of time? Becker offers an intensive course format that delivers the same content as our regular classes but in weeks, not months.


Becker FastPass® is an intensive course designed to help you prepare for the CPA Exam in a shortened timeframe. FastPass® delivers the same content as our standard CPA Exam Review course, but in as little as 12 weeks, instead of months.

Why choose Becker FastPass®?

Choose this compressed time frame option if you:

  • Need to prepare for the CPA Exam as soon as you graduate from college.
  • Want to earn your CPA designation before you join your new employer.

License Agreement

These goods and services for preparation for the CPA Exam, in connection with Becker Professional Education, are not for sale and are not being sold to you. You may only acquire a license to use such materials. The duration of the license grant under this Agreement is contingent on the product offering you have selected -

4 part CPA: eighteen (18) months after you log-in to access the Materials, which is the first time you visit the Becker homepage and log-in using your user identification and password; or upon expiration of the twenty-four (24) months period beginning upon your purchase of the Material, whichever of these periods first transpires.

Becker Bundle Unlimited: for as long as you are using the Materials until you pass the exam. Provided, however, Becker has the right to disable your account if your account is inactive for three years, meaning you have not logged into your account for three years. If we have disabled your account due to inactivity and you have not passed the exam, call Becker at 800-868-3900 and we will reactive your account at no additional charge.

Full details can be found in the End User License Agreement, which is presented within the course software and digital textbooks.

Any and all notes and lectures given to and any notes taken by an applicant in Becker’s CPA Exam Review are to be used by the applicant and no one else. The teaching methods and methodologies contained in the materials supplied are confidential and proprietary to Becker Professional Education and are not to be transferred or divulged to any other person by resale of the materials or otherwise.

Accommodations For Candidates With Special Needs

Accommodations for candidates with disabilities are available. Candidates with special requirements are encouraged to call 1-800-868-3900 or 1-630-472-2213 and request to be contacted by Becker’s National Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator as far in advance of starting classes as possible to arrange for a consultation.

The Becker Promise®

Our promise is to provide you with the utmost opportunity to pass the CPA Exam by using our comprehensive program and time tested learning approach. If you utilize Becker but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our course at no additional tuition cost if you satisfy our requirements. To be eligible for the Becker Promise, candidates must correctly complete 90 percent of all PassMaster software multiple choice questions for each part.

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