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  • Registration on this site is only for US employees, US classroom sites and for US shipping addresses.
  • You must enroll in all four sections to take advantage of this discount program. Only candidates who have already passed individual exam sections are allowed to enroll in less than four sections. Subsequent course enrollment will be at the prevailing standard rate.
  • Becker’s CPA Exam Review is now offered in two formats: Live and Online. Our Online Format provides flexibility with the freedom to study whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you without sacrificing structure and accessible from any desktop or any internet connected computer.
  • For Direct-Bill Enrollees: Your organization may require pre-authorization. Please check with your HR (or other appropriate personnel) to determine if this requirement pertains to your organization. Pre-authorizations are emailed to or faxed to 866-771-5215. Your organization may have internal policies regarding reimbursement. Please contact your organization with any questions. Important- if your firm utilizes Becker's pre-authorization process, Becker requires that one common email addressbeused by the student at the time of enrollment and the same email address be provided on the authorization. This requirement will ensure that orders are processed and released as quickly as possible.
  • If your firm has set up adirect-billarrangement that includes the flashcards or Final Review, you must put them in your cart along withthereviewcourse.
  • For Preferred-Provider Enrollees: In order to receive the proper pricing and benefits provided by the partnership between your organization and Becker, verification of employment is required. Please do one of the following:
  • Current Employee: Using work email address, fill insubjectas:"organization Verification." State name, city, state and organization name. Email to:
  • New Hire: Send offer letter with your signature indicating that you have accepted the offer, or submit a letter from HR confirming employment. Fax to: 866-398-5882, or Email with an
  • Policy on switching Formats, Schedules and Locations: Only the first switch or change (Format, Schedule, or Location) is at no charge. All subsequent switches/changes will incur a charge of $195.

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