Between our comprehensive CPA Exam Review course and our in-depth industry expertise, we give you the tools you need to be fully prepared on exam day.  Our ongoing commitment to product quality helps ensure your success.

Our Course Materials Eliminate Surprises on the CPA Exam

Becker’s CPA Exam Review includes the most current content covered on the CPA Exam.  Our course functionality mirrors the exam in every way to minimize any surprises when you sit for the exam.  And our CPA Exam Review is completely integrated, so all textbooks, lectures, homework, and simulations work together to help you prepare effectively.

But our emphasis on quality doesn’t stop there, as we also offer you the benefits of:

  1. ​A complete focus on student success, with flexible course formats and comprehensive academic, customer and technical support
  2. Best-in-class instructors, with years of real-world accounting experience and teaching expertise 
  3. A 50+-year track record of helping nearly one million candidates prepare for the CPA Exam, which began in 1957, when our founder, Newt Becker, helped eight colleagues at Price Waterhouse pass the exam on their first try 
  4. A dedicated team of nearly 100 curriculum and subject matter experts, focused on developing up-to-date and relevant course materials  ​