Change management: Trends in 2021 and beyond

This course will be an overview of:

  • The value of having an awareness of workplace trends
  • Major trend areas of which to stay abreast
  • Evaluating the workplace culture and identifying trends to improve productivity and profitability
  • Planning to implement change to meet trends Empowering employees and strategizing for the future

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Course Instructors

Jim Eicher

James Eicher is the creator of Cognitive Management which applies research from the cognitive sciences to organization and leadership behavior. Mr. Eicher has held leadership positions at KPMG, Booz Allen Hamilton, Symantec and IBM, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and Selling magazine.

When an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) he worked with John Grinder on what later become known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP. While attending UCSC he was both John Grinder’s and the late Gregory Bateson’s teaching assistant. His most recent work, Ecology of Truth, is inspired by Bateson’s work on what he termed the ecology of mind.

Mr. Eicher is the author of the management communication text Making the Message Clear and many articles, assessments and book chapters. He is co-author, with the late John Jones and William Bearley, of the management assessments the Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative Environment; the Neurolinguistic Communication Profile; Rapport: Matching and Mirroring Communication and Post-Heroic Leadership: Managing the Virtual Organization.

Jim has also authored or co-authored many articles, assessments and book chapters including: Cognitive Arbitrage: The Outsourcing of Intelligence; the Leader-Manager Profile; The Change Bully: When Demagoguery Masquerades as Organization Transformation; Making Strategy Happen; Organizational drift: Why organizations drift off keel and what human resource professionals can do about it; The Execution Gap: 7 Questions You Must Ask; the Strategic Action Profile; and Cognitive Management: Managing your Organization’s Mind.

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