Strategic thinking

This course will be an overview of:

  • Definitions of strategy and strategic thinking
  • Definition of competitive advantage
  • Models and tools for developing strategies
  • Core competencies for strategic thinking for competitive advantage

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Course Instructors

Krys Moskal Amdurer

Krys Moskal Amdurer, ED.D.
Krys Moskal Amdurer worked as a senior executive for learning and career development in Pearson, Warner Lambert (now Pfizer) and Johnson &Johnson. She consulted with senior executives on their strategic objectives and customized programs for their employees. Krys installed talent development teams internationally and provided learning and coaching resources. Together, Krys with her team implemented learning management systems, created just-in-time programs, and developed a robust vendor database.
For 15 years, Krys had my her consulting company, KMA & Associates, through which she provided a wide range of programs and services to Fortune 500 companies. Clients included Johnson & Johnson, Simon & Schuster, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Readers’ Digest, Dun & Bradstreet, Reuters, American Express, Sealand (Maersk), and Warner Lambert (Pfizer). Krys helped them set up major programs and services to roll out core values, competencies, performance management, leadership, customer service, talent management, change management, innovation, and teamwork.
• Doctorate and Master Degrees from Rutgers University.