Leadership, Inside Out

Leadership I/O (Leading from the Inside-Out) is a practical leadership development workshop that focuses on the essential skills to help your employees become active leaders in today’s challenging and diverse business environment. This Leadership I/O workshop is only available to employees of businesses and government agencies. For group registration and pricing contact us. 

Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League College, and consistently ranks among the world's foremost academic institutions.  Becker Professional Education, in partnership with the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, is proud to offer a certification in Leadership. 

The workshop utilizes collaborative and interactive formats to help result in a Leadership certification in a matter of weeks.  Upon completion of all requirements, workshop participants will be awarded a Certified Leadership Professional designation from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.   See below for more information about what this workshop entails.

What is Leadership I/O?

Much more than a management training workshop, Leadership I/O addresses the specific content that is vital for an effective and engaging leader.  This workshop provides two distinct elements: 1) focus on those aspects of the leader inside – personal style, character, and values, and 2) focus on the skills and actions that extend from the leader outward – skills and actions required to lead effectively from the inside out.  

Designed to address the practical skills capabilities of leadership — Leadership I/O is a refresher workshop for seasoned leaders, as a foundational workshop for those recently promoted to a formal leadership position, or for those in leadership for some time without any formal management training.  Leadership I/O is mainly applicable to directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders.

5 Principal Benefits 

  1. Professional development with Certification from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College 
  2. Case studies and testing replaces an actual project for knowledge transfer that may be applied to a real world project – learn before you apply.
  3. Practical skill development and tools for immediate application.
  4. Content taught by professional instructors in the field.
  5. Learn from the convenience of your workplace or home – no travel time; no travel expenses.

Leadership I/O – Classroom, Interactive Live On-line, or Blended

This workshop is available in three distinct formats:

  1. classroom 
  2. interactive live on-line, or 
  3. blended (classroom segments, interactive live on-line segments).  

Practical exercises and case studies are used in a supportive environment to provide simulated ‘real-world’ situations critical to participants’ skill development. Addressing specific issues that participants will face provides a transfer of skills to the workplace upon completion of the workshop.  Guided activities and assessment tools are used to ensure workshop content is relevant to the specific needs of each participant.

Twelve 4-hour modules1

  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Collaborative and Customer-Focused Workplace
  • Communication and Leadership Styles
  • Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques
  • Communicating for Effect
  • Managing Time and Effective Meetings
  • PM-1 Setting Expectations - Driving Accountability
  • PM-2 Performance Feedback and Discipline
  • Motivation and Delegation
  • Managing Conflict and Achieving Balance
  • Managing and Effecting Change

For more information or interest in enrolling in our leadership course, please contact John Sikora at jsikora@becker.com.

1Each topic designed as an integrated cohesive workshop


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