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Empowering people around the world to advance their careers through a lifelong partnership of superior professional education.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning

For more than 60 years, Becker Professional Education has been helping professionals advance their careers in Accounting and Healthcare. Our product and service offerings include: CPA Exam Review, USMLE® Exam Review, and Continuing Professional Education courses. Becker Professional Education is part of Adtalem Global Education Inc.

License Agreement

These goods and services for preparation for the NCLEX®, in connection with Becker Professional Education, are not for sale and are not being sold to you. You may only acquire a license to use such materials. This license and your course materials will expire at the end of the selected subscription period from the date of first login or 30 days after purchase, whichever comes first. The terms and conditions of this license can be found in the materials that will be sent to you.

Study Formats

Becker Professional Education offers candidates a choice the following study format: self-study (also called online, e-learning, on-demand).

Non-refundable Items

The following items are non-refundable:

  • Textbook purchases and materials shipping charges are non-refundable once the shipment has been sent to the student.
  • Products that include UWorld Question Bank purchases are non-refundable once the voucher code has been redeemed by the student.

NCLEX-RN® On-Demand Review Product

A full tuition refund (less any applicable savings and non-refundable items/fees) will be issued to students who cancel/withdraw on or before the conclusion of the 10th calendar day after the date of purchase of a self-study NCLEX-RN® Review Product.

Textbook purchases and products/courses that include UWorld Question Bank vouchers are non-refundable once the textbooks have shipped to the student and/or voucher codes have been redeemed by the student. Please see the “Non-refundable Fees” section above for more information.

Student Records

All student records are retained for a minimum of five years. Retained information includes exam levels, dates of purchase and completion, payments and refunds, and any eligibility information provided by the student. For information about obtaining records, write or call the Operations Department, 500 West Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60661. Telephone: 800.683.8725 Outside the US: 630.245.4797. Strictly limited access to student records ensures confidentiality.

Candidate Feedback

Candidates may send comments or complaints regarding the Becker self-study or any other feedback on our Contact Us page or by contacting Student Services toll free: 800.683.8725, outside the US: 630.245.4797, Monday-Friday 7:30 am-7:30 pm central time. Candidates may send comments or complaints regarding the Becker self-study or any other feedback on our Contact Us page or by contacting Becker at

Promotions and Special Offers

Promotions or special offers may not be combined with any other promotion, special offer, or group pricing program offered by Becker. Only one promotion, special offer, or group pricing promotion is permitted per eligible product/course. Promotions or special offers are not valid on previous purchases.

Publicity Waiver and Release Disclosure

By enrolling in this product, the student: (1) grants to Becker Professional Education its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, agents, licensees and designees (collectively, "Becker"), including their successors and assigns, the absolute, royalty free, irrevocable, worldwide, right and permission, with respect to any testimonial (written or oral), photographs, film, video or other images, or sound recordings taken by Becker:

(a) To use, re-use, publish, re-publish, copy, modify, display and create derivative works in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other photographs, images, recordings or testimonials in any medium (including without limitation, in print and on the Internet) and for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation in advertising, marketing, publications, electronic distribution, and the Internet and for any other commercial purpose; and

(b) To use the student's name in connection therewith if Becker so chooses; and

(c) To copyright the same in the name of Becker, or any other name that Becker may chose.

and (2) waives any and all rights to such photographs, film, video or other images, sound recordings, or testimonial and assigns all such rights to Becker. If the student is under the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian's signature indicates that he/ she and the student have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms of this disclosure.

The student understands that there will be no compensation for the permitted use of any testimonial (written or oral), photographs, film, video or other images, or sound recordings taken by Becker or of the student's name.

The student releases and discharges Becker, its successors, assigns and any designee (including any agency, client, broadcaster, periodical or other publication) from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of such photographs, film, video or other images, sound recordings, or testimonial, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, emotional distress or any similar right. Furthermore, the student represents and warrants that any testimonial given is original and does not infringe upon copyright or proprietary rights of another person or entity.

Becker Professional Development, operating as Becker Professional Education™, is owned and operated by Adtalem Global Education Inc., 3005 Highland Parkway, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.

Governing Body: Lisa W. Wardell, President & Chief Executive Officer; Chris Nash, Senior Vice President and CIO; Patrick Unzicker, Senior Vice President and CFO; John P. Roselli, President, Becker Professional Education.

Last updated: 3/16/2018

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