Becker USMLE Courses and Products

Step 1 Live Review

This live review course in Miami and Chicago includes over 275 hours of live lectures covering all the core basic sciences contained in the Step 1 exam.

Step 1 Live Intensive

If you're looking for a comprehensive USMLE® Step 1 review product, Becker Professional Education’s USMLE Step 1 Live Dallas Intensive is a suitable option.

Step 1 Live Online

Becker’s USMLE® Step 1 Live Online review gives you the structure of a live online classroom with relevant instructor feedback and mentoring.

Step 1 GuideMD

USMLE Step 1 GuideMD Self-Study Tool Becker’s USMLE® Step 1 GuideMD is a flexible guided learning resource that can help jump start your exam prep.

Step 1 QMD

Our comprehensive question bank is comprised of 2,100 questions, all with strong similarity to USMLE®-presented questions.

Step 1 Integrated Cases

Becker’s intensive six day, live online Integrated Cases with Dr. Lionel Raymon is perfect for students needing a refresher course before taking the USMLE® Step 1 exam.

Step 1 Integrated Final Review

Becker’s Integrated Final Review Online Course for Step 1 helps prepare you to learn in a supportive, collaborative environment.

USMLE® Step 1 Textbooks

Dr. Lionel Raymon’s new review books provide new resources to help prepare for the USMLE® Step 1 Exam.

Step 2 CK Live Online

Becker's USMLE® Step 2 CK Live Online review is designed to be an in depth test prep curriculum that goes beyond foundational science concepts.

Step 2 CK GuideMD

Becker’s Step 2 CK GuideMD provides you with exam-relevant, integrated content taught by experienced medical school faculty.

Step 2 CS Live Review

Becker’s Step 2 CS workshops provide you with the necessary content review and hands-on practice for success on exam day.

Step 2 CS GuideMD

Becker's Step 2 CS guided learning resource that provides flexibility to study for the Exam at your own pace.

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