USMLE Step 1 Question Bank

Becker Professional Education comprehensive question bank is comprised of over 2,700 questions, all with strong similarity to USMLE®-presented questions. Now available for the student on the go on Android and iOS mobile devices.



Becker Question Bank USMLE Step 1 - 30 Day


Becker Question Bank USMLE Step 1 - 3 Month


Becker Question Bank USMLE Step 1 - 6 Month


Becker Question Bank USMLE Step 1 - 12 Month



QMD gives you:

Advanced interactive questions

High degree of difficulty with a software interface integrating the feel of the exam.

A full detailed assessment for all questions

  • Instant remediation provided by detailed rationales for each question, with full explanations of the best answer choice.
  • Vivid color illustrations, charts and tables, detailed rendered art, and references help explain every question and promote critical clinical thinking.

Unique personal dashboard

Allows easy monitoring by allowing you to see all your global activity, track your progress, analyze your scores, review completed tests and retake tests at any time.

Customized test plans

Provides you with a selection of specific subjects and systems to create customized blocks to master challenging subjects and improve your performance.

Continuous updates

Continuous product improvement provides you with a question bank based on student feedback which makes the content current and relevant.

24/7 accessibility

Access the question bank anytime, from anywhere, with any device. Content also can be viewed offline on the mobile application.

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