USMLE® Step 1 GuideMD On-Demand: Guided Study at Your Own Pace!

Becker Professional Education’s USMLE® Step 1 GuideMD is a flexible guided learning resource that can help jump start your exam prep—all at your own pace. Now available for the student on-the -go on Android and iOS mobile devices.


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Step 1 GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning Resource - 3 Months


Step 1 GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning Resource - 6 Months


Step 1 GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning Resource - 9 Months


Step 1 GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning Resource - 12 Months


Becker USMLE Step 1 Textbooks (Non-Refundable)



GuideMD gives you:

Subject or System Approach

The viewing of content by subject or system allows you to stick to your individualized study plan.

Your Own Personal Audio Coach

Over 220 hours of instructor led coaching, designed to help you master the most exam-relevant concepts. Coaching includes on-screen highlighting and annotations.

Fully Searchable

Easy-to-use search tool that allows you to locate the exact information across selected, or all, subjects and systems.

High-Resolution Graphics

Full-color visuals and embedded motion graphics illustrate essential concepts.

Fast-Play Mode

Enables you to view annotated audio lectures at regular, accelerated speeds for quick-review studying.

Page View Options

Customize how you view the content to better fit your study style and device used.

Annotation Functionality

Individualize your pages by adding your own notes and highlighting to the content.


Provides seamless play of all video and audio content within a chapter from first page to last.

10-second rewind

One click, 10-second rewind, available for reviewing complex concepts or replaying missed content.


You Also Get:

Becker’s QMD: Advanced USMLE Question Bank1

Over 2,200 USMLE-style questions that help you apply your knowledge to prepare you for the exam. Along with being presented within a FRED-like interface, questions include full-color graphics, detailed rationales, and outline resources needed.

Connect the dots

Becker faculty analyzing detailed, clinical-case-related concepts in video format, featured in Pharmacology.


Supported platforms are Windows, Android and Mac OS devices.

*Access to our GuideMD/QMD begins from the moment you click “LOGIN”. Failure to login 6 months after your purchase date will result in an automatic login.

1Access to Becker’s Step 1 QMD will match time period of GuideMD purchase.


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