Step 2 CS Self-Study

GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning for Step 2 CS provides clinical case modules along with the flexibility to study for the Exam at your own pace. Introduced and delivered by Dr. Charles Faselis, this self-study resource includes a variety of workshop modules, added annotations, physical exam components, and clinical case evaluations. The outlined content is presented to students in a structured, bulleted order for a more focused delivery and review, and include a fully navigational side bar for easy, one-click access.

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Our guided learning resources includes the following benefits:

Standardized patient/examinee interaction videos

Real-time videos of interaction between the Standardized Patient and the Examinee.

Standardized patient evaluation videos

In this scenario, the Standardized Patient is question on the performance of the Examinee.

Examinee evaluation videos

In these videos the Examinee is evaluated on their performance by Dr. Charles Faselis, based on observations and feedback from the Standardized Patient.

Workshop modules

Lecture-based tutorials, outlining the theory and concepts of what tests on the Step 2 CSA Exam.

Physical examination walkthroughs

High level, quick overviews of the important specific physical examinations needed to conduct during the timed encounter.

Satisfactory patient note

Each case presented includes an example of a satisfactory patient note to evaluate their own findings after viewing the encounter.

Blank patient note

A blank patient note provides the student the opportunity to add their own notes, and to make their own assessment after viewing the interaction of the Standardized Patient and Examinee.


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Becker's Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) exam tests your interpersonal and clinical skills. 24 month access

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“Reviewing for the USMLE Step 1 is a cumbersome task. Let alone with all the commercial packages now available on the market, it can be incredibly daunting. I wanted a program that was able to provide me with a full glimpse of exam material and interrelated topics, just as the USMLE has historically been known to be.  Becker was my solution! From their concept reviews, interrelations, and dynamic instructors.” 

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