USMLE® Step 1 Course Details

Our 6 month program includes Live USMLE® Step 1 Intensive plus Study Center Access. The Study Center Access provides you with additional supervised guided learning resources, live workshops, and a Becker medical advisor. These courses are I-20 eligible. 

Start dates for the Dallas Live Intensive are flexible but primarily start in January, May, or August. 

Comprehensive Live Instruction and Supervised Study Lab Hours

Consists of 686 hours of supervised study activities including 300 hours of live lectures covering all the core basic sciences contained in the Step 1 exam in an intensive live course. Students are provided with 30-hours of Integrated Cases with Dr. Lionel Raymon. Supervised study lab hours are included to review live instruction concepts, practice multiple choice questions, and simulations for the exam. 

Personalized Instruction

Feedback from Becker's experienced medical faculty and an opportunity to interact with and learn from like-minded peers in a structured environment.

Personal Becker medical advisor

Your personal medical advisor works with you to develop an individual study plan to complement the live lectures and independent review activities.

Access to GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning

Online interactive study series featuring over 225 hours of lecture material complemented by animations, video, graphic renderings and case summaries.

Access to QMD: Advanced USMLE® Question Bank

Over 2,100 exam-tested questions, which allows you to design personalized exam blocks to assess your progress and knowledge of key subject matter concepts.

Updated USMLE-Focused Review Books

Seven full volumes of full-color print review notes including classic USMLE presentations, clinical applications, important concepts, and exam-relevant USMLE information covering all exam disciplines.

Two Step 1 assessment exams

Helps you identify areas of strengths and opportunities for progress as you prepare for exam day.



How Becker Helped Me Succeed

“I joined Becker after preparing for step 1 for almost a year. I had heard about Becker through Dr Daugherty's posts and free webinars. Coming from India where teachers are totally different, it was a total new experience for me here at live classes. The pain they took to explain every student and making sure everyone understood what was being taught were the best things for me. Teachers were so approachable and I could ask even silliest of my questions. I want to thank everyone at Becker. You all are doing great job.”

M. Sharma, Becker Alumni

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