KSA – Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal University

Becker Professional Education has partnered with the Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal University to deliver onsite exam preparation courses to help students achieve their educational and career goals. Our partnership with the Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal University provides students with opportunities to improve their English language proficiency and prepare for professional licensing and graduate admissions exams

Intensive English Courses

Seats are limited for this 12-week program providing groups Intensive English classes with 25 lessons focusing on the four basic skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This program offers 4 levels of instruction from Intermediate to Advanced. Each level targets students’ abilities and motivates progress in their language acquisition accompanied by seminars on American culture with a focus on academic progression. Students learn, practice and use English in real and practical ways that are functional and life changing. 

Price to join the course is $3250. For information, please email Youssef Salim Business Manager at Becker Professional Education at ysalim@becker.com for the next enrollment date or call/text at: +1-718-564-4694 (WhatsApp)

IELTS™ Preparation

This 7-week course includes International English Language Testing System (IELTS)-focused preparation covering reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus practice exam questions and simulation tests. Enrolled students will be provided with 20 weekly lessons toward the advanced language skills tested on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and IELTS exams. Test preparation components including strategies and study skills are a core component of this program. Students will become accustomed to the test-taking environment, the structure of the test and engage with instructors and peers on the necessary English practice required for successful learning. 

USMLE® Review Programs

Preparing tomorrow’s doctors for success today.

USMLE Step 1

Our Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal University program provides students with standard live review course features plus additional benefits for self-study and integrated review of Basic Science content. 


Our Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal University program also provides students with a standard live review course featuring additional benefits for self-study and integrated review of clinical knowledge and clinical science principles.

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How Becker Helped Me Succeed

“I joined Becker after preparing for step 1 for almost a year. I had heard about Becker through Dr Daugherty's posts and free webinars. Coming from India where teachers are totally different, it was a total new experience for me here at live classes. The pain they took to explain every student and making sure everyone understood what was being taught were the best things for me. Teachers were so approachable and I could ask even silliest of my questions. I want to thank everyone at Becker. You all are doing great job.”

M. Sharma, Becker Alumni

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