Becker USMLE Exam Review Instructors

A Powerhouse Team

When you team up with Becker Professional Education, you are joining a powerful team that teaches you the ability to think across all disciplines.

Experienced Instructors

They provide experience in test-taking strategies for the USMLE®.

Content Professionals

Ensures the important connections among basic science, clinical science principles and patient-centered skills are reflected in all Becker preparation materials.

Thought Leadership Faculty

Our instructors helps students understand how to correlate the various subjects and apply them to the essential thought processes of clinical medicine.

Valuable Support

We provide support to help students and offer a clear sense of how the content is presented on the USMLE®.

Our experienced lecturers from various medical schools hold MDs, teach in their specialties and have years of experience preparing future physicians for the USMLE. They have knowledge of the exam and a clear understanding of how your results impact your career in medicine. 

Our faculty is committed to helping students comprehend the material, not just memorize it.


USMLE Review Instructors

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