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When you prepare with Becker, you’re not just prepared to pass the CPA Exam, you’re Becker prepared. For 60 years, Becker has helped make the most of each student's valuable study time to help drive exam success.

Becker's all-new CPA Exam Review is designed to prepare students for the recently updated 2017 exam. This new course is more personalized and more efficient than ever before with our innovative Adapt2U Learning Technology. A specially designed pre-assessment provides a recommended learning path focusing on key areas where students need the most help. Progress tests along the way also track development and provide feedback to build knowledge and instill confidence.

And, we offer our course material in an array of study formats designed to fit your lifestyle, work schedule and preferred learning style. No matter which format you choose, you pay $3,393 and benefit from the same comprehensive learning tools (video lectures, textbooks, multiple-choice questions, simulations, practice exams, study planner and much more) that have helped over one million candidates pass the CPA Exam. We also offer 0% APR* financing and partner pricing to candidates affiliated with certain universities, employers and societies.

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Take Self-Study if you:

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Are you ready to take the CPA Exam?

Becoming a CPA can open up unlimited possibilities for your career, but getting there takes preparation, focus and dedication. We’re here to help you through the entire process—from understanding the necessary educational requirements to passing the CPA Exam.


How to Qualify for the CPA Exam

To qualify for the CPA Exam, you need to meet educational and other requirements specific to the state or jurisdiction in which you intend to be licensed to practice.

Most states require that you have a bachelor’s degree before you sit for the exam. However, some states require that you have 150 hours of coursework (the equivalent of a Master’s degree) before you qualify to sit.

Need additional credit hours? Learn more.

Download and read the official CPA applicants guide

Uniform CPA Exam Candidate Bulletin CoverThe Uniform CPA
Exam Candidate
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How to Apply for the CPA Exam

To apply for the CPA Exam, you must submit forms and transcripts, along with fees (ranging from $900 to $1,000), to the state board or its designee.

You may apply to any state or jurisdiction, but may only register to take the exam in one jurisdiction at a time.

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year, and the process usually takes from four to six weeks for first-time candidates.

Download and read the official CPA applicants guide

Exam Candidate
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Get Ready to Pass the CPA Exam

Once you’ve applied for the CPA Exam, it’s time to start preparing.

To give you the best chance of passing, Becker’s CPA Exam Review mirrors the CPA Exam in every way — so you’ll find no surprises on exam day.

Becker also gives you additional ways to prepare to pass, including Flashcards and Final Review.


Schedule Your Exam

Once your application has been processed by the state board, you’ll receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) which is required for you to schedule your CPA Exam at a Prometric Test Center. Generally, you’ll need to sit for your first exam within six months of receiving the NTS, although this can vary by jurisdiction.

The CPA Exam is offered two out of every three months of each quarter. The months when testing is available are called "testing windows."

You may schedule the exam parts in any order, and one at a time, if you prefer.

Testing is Available
  • January and February
  • April and May
  • July and August
  • October and November

Prepare for Success on the CPA Exam

You’ve worked hard and prepared diligently—and now, your efforts are about to pay off. Since Becker’s course materials are designed to replicate the actual CPA Exam, you can be ready to succeed on exam day.

Once you pass the first part of the exam, you’ll have 18-months to apply, prepare, schedule and pass the other three parts. Becker has laid out a program that can help you successfully complete the entire CPA Exam process within six to eight months.


Pass the Exam and Launch Your CPA Career

At Becker, our CPA Exam Review gives you the tools you need to help you succeed on the CPA Exam. And we back everything with The Becker Promise®: If you prepare with Becker but don’t pass the CPA Exam, you may qualify to repeat our course at no additional tuition cost.

Once you’ve passed the exam and become a CPA, you must meet ongoing professional education requirements. Becker's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) will keep you on top of today’s most critical business issues.