GUIDEMD Advanced Interactive Learning USMLE

USMLE Step 1 Self Study

Becker Professional Education’s USMLE Step 1 GuideMD is a flexible self-study tool that jump starts your exam prep and establishes your path for success—all at your own pace! Our subscription-based GuideMD program curriculum equips you with the information and study materials needed to focus your efforts on the Step 1 exam.

Becker’s flexible self-study tool GuideMD: Advanced Interactive Learning is now available for the student on the go on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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The more than 220 hours of audio and video content include access* to the following advanced features:

Personal audio coach

  • Leads you through the lecture and explains the essential content and important details of that particular subject.

Fast-play mode

  • Enables you to view the annotated audio lectures at regular, 1.25 and 1.5x speed for quick-review studying.

Advanced search tool

  • Allows you to search criteria for easy browsing through all Step 1 subjects.

Annotation Functionality

  • Highlighting, underlining and taking notes as lectures are playing – then go back and review your saved notes made directly on the page.

Page view options

  • Allows you to choose how you would like to view the course materials based on your study location and device. A thumbnail option is also available for navigational purposes.

Connect the Dots

  • Dr. Lionel Raymon breaks down detailed case-related concepts that are mapped to specific content featured in the Pharmacology text – creating a high-yield scenario that interlinks all subjects for intensive review.

High-Resolution Graphics

  • Full-color illustrations and embedded motion graphics that render complex concepts, in high definition and high color conceptualizations of all USMLE related topics.

Becker’s QMD: Advanced USMLE Question Bank1

  • Over 2100 USMLE conceptualized questions included with each subscription.


  • Provides seamless play of all video and audio content within a chapter from first page to last.

10-Second Rewind

  • One click, 10-second rewind, available for reviewing complex concepts or replaying missed content.
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Supported platforms are Windows and Mac OS devices.

Access to our GuideMD/QMD begins from the moment you click “LOGIN”. Failure to login 30 days after your purchase date will result in an automatic login.

  1. Access to Becker’s Step 1 QMD will match time period of GuideMD purchase

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