Becker CPA ambassador program

One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a CPA is passing the CPA Exam. But when you join Becker’s CPA ambassador program, you get a welcome boost as you approach that hurdle! As a CPA student ambassador, you’ll work closely with faculty and peers to spread the word about Becker’s CPA Exam Review on your campus. In short, you’ll be there to help fellow students have a successful CPA Exam experience—and a fulfilling career.

In return for completing your time as a CPA student ambassador, you’ll be eligible to take the CPA Exam Review at either no cost or at a preferred rate.

CPA student ambassadors: the details

Why become a CPA student ambassador?

The discounted CPA Exam Review is a major benefit to being a Becker ambassador, but the program offers more than a single discount. Joining the Becker community means gaining access to an impressive network of contacts from local firms, national firms and Becker staff nationwide—all of which can be a big help when it comes time to find a job. Getting your foot in the door is a whole lot easier if you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Other advantages of Becker’s campus ambassador program:

  • Obtain knowledge and preparation for the CPA Exam. We call this being “Becker prepared.” You’ll have first-hand knowledge about the planning process and the exam itself well before you start your own exam process - it’s invaluable information.
  • Enhance relationships with professors, your school, prospective employers and fellow students. The contacts you build both on campus and in the professional world will serve you for years to come.
  • Gain leadership experience. No matter where your career might take you, your skills as a CPA student ambassador will be a tremendous asset to you and to your employer.
  • Résumé booster. Get a great addition to your résumé and talking points for interviews. It’s another feather in your cap that can open doors to future opportunities.


During your campus ambassador program, you'll serve as a liaison between Becker and your school, performing tasks including:

  • Educating students on the benefits of the CPA license
  • Highlighting Becker as the best option to prepare for the CPA Exam
  • Coordinating presentations and other campus events
  • Distributing promotional materials to fellow students and faculty
  • Displaying posters and flyers

To help make your role in Becker’s campus ambassador program easier, an expert Becker Account Manager will provide continual support. Our Account Managers equip every CPA student ambassador in the program with the tools and training necessary to complete those responsibilities.


  • Juniors or Seniors enrolled in Accounting (or equivalent) major at an accredited college or university
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Actively involved in accounting and/or business organization
  • Excellent relationships with department staff, faculty and fellow students
  • Outgoing, connected to fellow students and able to adopt a leadership role on behalf of Becker
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strong academic and social presence within the school’s accounting department

Becker vs. other campus ambassador programs

Becker is the industry’s leading partner in CPA Exam preparation, and we’re in this position because of our dedication to providing top-notch CPA Exam review materials.

You’re not preparing for simply the CPA Exam. You’re preparing for your future, and Becker helps you get there.

  • 1 million + candidates have prepared with Becker materials
  • The top 100 accounting firms rely on Becker for their staff’s CPA Exam preparation
  • More than 90% of Watt Sells award winners since 2005 have prepared with Becker
  • Nearly 3,000 accounting firms, corporations, alliances, government agencies and universities choose Becker

Compensation and benefits

Upon completing your responsibilities, you'll receive a certificate for all four parts of Becker's CPA Exam Review at no cost or at a preferred price – a $2,399 value. This certificate is valid for any of our course formats – live, LiveOnline and self-study.

Becoming a part of Becker’s CPA ambassador program is step one in your transition from a dedicated student to an indispensable accounting professional. Don’t miss this chance. 

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