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How Can I Prepare to Pass the Exam?

At Becker, we have a variety of learning formats and resources, all designed to give you everything you need to help prepare you to succeed on the CPA Exam. Our CPA Exam Review is completely integrated, so all course components work together to give you a powerful and efficient way to prepare for the exam. And the content and functionality of our course mirror the exam, too. Learn more about the numerous ways Becker can help you prepare for exam day.

What are some challenges and tips I should know to prepare for the Exam?

Challenge 1 | Lack of complete preparation

Comprehensive and rigorous preparation is the key to passing all four-parts of the CPA Exam.

Recent graduates

If you are a recent graduate of an accounting program, you may find that much of the exam content is familiar. However, the CPA Exam is comprehensive and not all subjects are tested equally. A comprehensive review is necessary to anchor knowledge in a broad set of topics and focus your efforts on studying the topics most likely to be tested.

Working professionals

If you are a working professional, you may find that your recall and knowledge of some areas may have eroded. A comprehensive review will be necessary to cover the subject areas required to pass the exam, as well as to develop necessary mental endurance and speed.

Solution: A comprehensive review program

Successful CPA candidates must have a thorough academic understanding of exam material, as well as the ability to apply their knowledge instinctively. Becker’s CPA Exam Review course is comprehensive and personalized to better prepare students for the exam.

Challenge 2 | Time management on exam day

It's important to budget the total exam time appropriately among the testlets within each part of the exam, and devote adequate time to each. The CPA Exam is a timed exam and you have to answer the questions quickly and accurately. To do so, you will need to learn how to quickly understand the question and respond instinctively.

For multiple-choice questions, allow approximately 90 seconds per question. Task-based simulations on FAR, AUD and REG will require approximately 2.5 hours to complete. For BEC, allow approximately 2.5 hours to complete both the task-based simulations and written communication tasks.

Solution: Practice and planning

Becker’s CPA Exam Review administers timed drills that assess your strongest and weakest areas. Our course includes thousands of past exam questions so that you will understand the content that will be tested and become familiar with the way the questions are phrased and the exam functionality. And with two full final exams per part, you will be able to practice using exam-like conditions before exam day.

Our expert instructors will show you how to structure time for each exam part and provide valuable time saving tips. Flashcards are also an excellent tool to increase speed.

Challenge 3 | The computer-based exam environment

The CPA Exam environment contains a unique interface and tools that may be uncomfortable to you without practice.

The exam requires that you demonstrate the ability to perform beyond basic computer skills. You must also be proficient in using the provided four-function calculator, spreadsheet, and research function. You will also need to access authoritative literature to answer auditing, accounting, and taxation questions; to support judgments; and to create formal audit communications. (The AICPA offers a tutorial and sample test on the computer-based exam at

Solution: Simulation of exam conditions

The tools and materials contained within Becker’s CPA Exam Review course are specially designed to mirror the CPA Exam interface so on exam day you can focus on answering the questions, not figuring out the format, features and functions.

Challenge 4 | Lack of self-discipline

It’s not uncommon for candidates to put off their actual testing date even after they have started to prepare. This can result in lower scores as well as incremental fees, missed testing windows, or even lost credit for previously passed parts of the exam.

Solution: Choose a structured methodology that provides a flexible schedule

Becker has laid out an exam strategy that can help to lead you to Exam success within just eight months. The Becker plan provides you with a head start in staying on track.

The Becker plan
Exam part Schedule exam Start CPA Exam Review class & Final Review Sit for the exam
Financial May June July
Auditing June July August
Regulation August September October
Business September October November

If you want the freedom to study at your own pace, Becker’s interactive study planner in our CPA Exam Review course will help you develop an individually tailored study plan that will help to prepare you to pass the CPA Exam.

For additional help adhering to your exam plan, tell your family and friends about your goal so that they can provide moral support during your studies. Set daily goals and stick to them. Also consider finding a study partner to help keep you on track.

When does Becker make updates to the CPA Exam Review and Final Review content?

Becker will be making content updates per the following schedule:

Content Update Schedule/caption>
Exam Part Audit Business Financial Regulation
CPA Exam Review December
CPA Final Review December