Free demo of the Becker CPA Exam Review

Becker understands preparing for the CPA Exam requires an enormous investment of time and energy. Our CPA Exam Review course focuses on important higher-order cognitive skills including analysis and evaluation, following the AICPA blueprint it includes a user-interface that mirrors the exam so you're already familiar come exam day.

With the Becker CPA Exam Review demo, you can experience our exam prep for FREE.

Experience Becker’s course with a complimentary 14-day demo and you will have access to:


Becker Demo benefits
Personalized learning experience  
Pre-assessments 4
Progress tests
Study materials  
Simulations 20 task-based simulations; 1 written communication task
Conceptual videos 4
Interactive simulations 4
Multiple-choice questions 150+
Lecture 2+ hours
Simulated exam