CMA Review Pro Pass Guarantee Policy


For students who want the highest level of assurance in their CMA Exam preparation we offer the Becker Pass Guarantee as part of our Becker Pro CMA Exam Review package. Students who purchase this package and become Exam Day ReadySM, will test with confidence. If they don’t pass, Becker will give them $250 to help cover the cost of a re-take of that CMA Exam section.

To be eligible for Becker's Pass Guarantee, students must complete the following steps:

1. First, have purchased or upgraded to the Becker Pro CMA Exam Review Package on or after November 6, 2023.

  • If purchasing through Becker's Flex Pay program, your account must be current (no missed payments or deferments)

2. Then, become Exam Day ReadySM (EDR) in the section of study prior to taking the CMA Exam for that section (for example, if you take Part 1 Exam on January 10, you must have achieved EDR on or before January 10 to be eligible for the Pass Guarantee):

  • Achieving EDR for an exam section is defined as completing 80% of Becker’s concept videos in each module, correctly answering 80% of course multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and essays in the practice section of each module and receiving a score of 50% or higher on both Becker Simulated Exams within that exam part.
    • Additional content such as flashcards and the Practice Tests, is not included in your EDR calculations.

3. Finally, provide Becker with a copy of the Candidate Performance Report from Prometric that shows proof that you have failed the exam by emailing Becker at Submitted documentation must include the student's name, test score, and exam date.

  • Exam sections must be taken 12 months from the date you purchased your Becker Pro CMA Exam Review package.
  • Sections not passed due to Exam no-shows, any testing blackout periods, or being turned away from testing for any other reason does not qualify you.
  • Requests for the Becker Pass Guarantee must be submitted no later than ninety (90) days after the date a failed exam score is released.

Upon confirmation by Becker of eligibility for the Becker Pass Guarantee, students will:

  • Receive an email communication to confirm their mailing address within thirty (30) days
  • Receive $250 in the form of a virtual credit card with a one-time limit of $250 from Becker within sixty (60) days
  • Be eligible to receive one (1) coaching session and one (1) academic tutoring session, for the failed section, to help them prepare to retake that section. To schedule, please call Becker at (877) 272-3926 or internationally at (630) 472-2213.

Students are limited to one $250 Becker Pass Guarantee per section of the CMA Exam Review (Part 1 and Part 2), with a total amount no greater than $500.

Becker’s CMA Pass Guarantee is only available for purchase in the United States unaffiliated with the following: purchases made through our Direct bill programs with Firms, Universities, International Partners, or other organizations are not eligible.

Becker reserves the right to deny the Pass Guarantee refund to any student who abuses the policy. Examples of abuse of the policy would be evidence to taking the exams when unprepared (e.g. taking exams in an unusually short period of time and/or getting unusually low scores) and/or not spending a sufficient amount of time in the Becker course before becoming EDR.

If you have any questions about your Eligibility for Becker’s Pass Guarantee, please contact Becker at (877) 272-3926 or internationally at (630) 472-2213.

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