Getting started with Becker

Congratulations! You’ve officially decided to start your journey to becoming a licensed CPA. Getting started is often the hardest part. Passing the four sections of the CPA Exam is the biggest step in earning licensure. We’re ready to guide you through all four sections of the CPA Exam, so you can cross that big task item off your list. Here’s how to get started with your Becker CPA review course, starting with your Becker CPA login.

Becker login: Access made easy

  1. Your Becker CPA login is available anytime at  You can bookmark this page moving forward for a quick and easy Becker online login.
  2. 2. Click your user icon at the top of the page to access your MyAccount page and review your orders.
  3. Visit our scheduling portal to set up your Live, LiveOnline or cohort courses. You may need to use your Becker CPA login.
  4. Download the app from your app store and use your Becker login information to unlock all of your CPA review content on the go. Now you’re ready to study for the big exam day anywhere you go!

Study on your schedule 

Set up your study time in a way that best fits your schedule with our helpful study planner. Customize your planner based on what order you plan to take each section of the exam. Unsure of which section to take first? The best order to take the CPA Exam may depend on your specific CPA journey.

And don’t forget the importance of time management. Studying for the CPA Exam isn’t the only task on your to-do list, so creating an effective study planner based on how much time you can realistically dedicate each week can help you manage study time with your work and personal life.

How to receive your physical textbook

Your Becker CPA review course includes printed and annotated digital textbooks. If you study best with physical textbooks, you can request to have your Becker textbooks shipped. Your textbooks will not ship until you request them. This is to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date study materials as you study for each part of the CPA Exam. Follow these simple steps to release your physical materials:

  • Log in to the course portal at
  • Click on "My Account" in the bottom left corner.
  • Click on the "delayed shipping" menu and select the physical materials for the CPA Exam section that you’re currently studying. Best practice is to release books for each section individually, as you’re studying for them, as we update materials throughout the year.
  • Click “redeem” for the CPA Exam section that you wish to receive physical materials for, fill in your shipping address completely and click on “ship to this address.”
  • Materials ship via the method chosen at initial enrollment. No additional charges apply. Please allow 3-6 business days for processing and delivery.

For additional assistance or concerns around releasing your physical textbooks, please call our Customer Support team at 877-272-3926.

Installing Final Review

The Becker Final Review is a condensed review that reinforces understanding of the most challenging concepts on the CPA Exam. It offers brand new lectures, multiple-choice questions and simulations. This is a great resource during the final days of your CPA study schedule.

The Becker Final Review course is available for Becker Premium and Pro students and is downloadable to allow you to study anytime offline. To do so, just go to the download section on your portal home screen, and choose the Final Review option for your operating system. After downloading, you can access the CPA Final Review at any time, even without Internet access. If you are a Becker Advantage student, you can purchase the Becker Final Review course by section, or in full as a 4-part package.

Mobile app

Preparing for the CPA Exam requires a significant investment of time and energy. Realistically, you won’t be able to spend all of this time at the library or a traditional working environment. Do you need to study on the go? Of course you do! Your Becker CPA review course is available on mobile, allowing you to study without your desktop computer. Simply download the app and enter your Becker CPA login credentials to get started.

Available for Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones, Becker’s CPA Exam Review mobile app makes it easy for you to study for the CPA Exam wherever and whenever you have a few minutes of downtime. Your progress will automatically synchronize between your computer and mobile digital devices, so you can always pick up right where you left off.

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