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Becker offers three CPE subscription packages designed to meet the needs of accountants of all backgrounds and experience levels. Featuring an extensive catalog of both on demand and webcast courses, it’s easy to find a package that fits your lifestyle, schedule and preferred way to learn.**

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The new CPE from Becker

Quality content and expert instruction with more flexibility than ever before.  An enhanced CPE experience made just for you!

Consistent schedules

You can count on Becker to provide a consistent CPE webcast course schedule, including morning, afternoon and evening options. With the most variety of credit hour offerings in the industry, it’s easy to find the right fit for your requirements and schedule. With Becker’s immersive CPE experience, many courses include video and audio of expert instructors teaching the course, downloadable materials available ahead of time and a mobile-compatible format.

Webcast features:

  • Available daily at 9am, 2pm and 7pm CST plus weekend webcasts on both Saturday and Sunday*
  • Exclusive lunch and learn webcast every day at noon CST
  • Immersive experience with live chat to get immediate answers to your questions
  • No testing required to earn CPE credits
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Expansive on demand courses

Becker offers 600+ unique on demand courses totaling over 1,000 CPE credit hours and featuring video, audio and text — taught by one of our expert instructors. 

On demand features:

  • 24/7 access 
  • 18 different fields of study including taxes, accounting, auditing, information technology and personal development
  • Downloadable materials associated with the course 
  • Mobile-compatible 
  • Certificate of completion available immediately after course completion
Becker compliance tracker

This software helps you keep track of your progress against your state’s CPE requirements and you can upload certificates from other sources, so everything is in one place. 

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Supercharge your skills

When you want to go a little deeper, these add-on certificates offer the specialized information you need to expand your skill set. 

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate provides a thorough overview of Excel fundamentals, from Charts to VLOOKUP to Pivot Tables, to give a foundation in all the essential aspects of Excel.

Individual Tax Consulting and Return Preparation Certificate

This certificate consists of eight courses designed to specifically help you prepare individual tax returns and best utilize the tax return process to provide valuable consultative advice to your clients.

AI for Financial Services Certificate

At the intersection of business, technology, and data science, Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services prepares you with the foundation required to successfully navigate the future of work.

Timothy WeirLearning & Development Manager
It is critical that our employees keep current on today's issues and regulations to ensure they provide the best service for their clients.

Becker CPE not only provides our employees with the knowledge they need, but the instructors provide real life examples that they can apply to everyday business situations.

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*Webcasts may not be available during major holidays. Essentials and Select subscriptions do not include webcasts for all times and days noted.