Becker CPA videos

It’s like having your own personal CPA coach!

Studying for the CPA Exam can be daunting with two question types, task-based simulations and multiple choice each accounting for 50% of the exam. Mastering each of them is critically important to passing the CPA Exam. We're here to help! With Becker’s SkillMaster videos and ExamMaster videos our expert instructor show you how to work both the task-based simulations and multiple choice questions while offering problem-solving strategies and time-saving techniques.

Becker SkillMaster Videos

The one-of-a-kind study tool has expert instructors walk you through solutions and strategies for the task-based simulation question within your coursework. An expert Becker instructor can teach you how to master the task-based simulation questions step-by-step. When you watch the SkillMaster CPA videos, you can learn to apply conceptual knowledge to real-world applications.

Nearly 400 SkilllMaster videos are a core feature included in every Becker CPA Exam Review package.


Becker ExamMaster Videos

Like SkillMaster videos, expert Becker instructors walk you through solutions and strategies. But while SkillMaster cover coursework questions, ExamMaster videos cover the questions within Becker’s exclusive Simulated Exams and Mini Exams. ExamMaster videos also cover both task-based simulation questions and multiple-choice questions. With over 900 videos the ExamMaster videos offer deep insights into every single question in Becker’s best-in-class simulated exams, helping you to become Exam Day ReadySM.

What types of questions are on the CPA Exam?

The exam tests your knowledge using three types of questions: multiple-choice questions, written communications tasks and task-based simulations. Mastering each CPA Exam question type is an important part of preparing for a successful exam day - and success on the CPA Exam brings you one step closer to professional licensure.

What is a task-based simulation?

The CPA Exam’s task-based simulations use real-life work situations to test your in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular subject area. The CPA Exam includes 28 task-based simulations across all four sections. There are eight in Auditing and Attestation (AUD), four in Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), eight in Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and eight in Regulation (REG). Task-based simulations account for 50% of the CPA Exam, so they’re critically important to passing the exam.

What is the difference between the Becker SkillMaster videos and the ExamMaster videos?

Becker's SkillMaster videos provide solutions for task-based simulation questions within the coursework. ExamMaster video can be found on every multiple choice or task-based simulation question within Becker's 12 Mini Exams and 8 Simulated Exams.

Where do I find SkillMaster or ExamMaster videos?

SkillMaster video solutions can be found after completing each correlating task-based simulation within the coursework. ExamMaster video solutions can only be found on multiple choice or task-based simulation questions within the Mini Exams or Simulated Exams.

How do I get access to SkillMaster or ExamMaster videos?

SkillMaster videos are included within every CPA package or single part course option available from Becker. ExamMaster videos can only be accessed once you are enrolled as a Becker student and purchase either the ExamMaster bundle or ExamMaster for a single exam section.

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