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Becker is partnering with Red Flag Mania to introduce crime-themed continuing professional education (CPE) courses. These immersive, interactive CPE courses for accountants and business professionals go live in June 2024. 

Why gamify CPE? 

Gamification is the strategic way to enhance systems, services and activities using game mechanics, elements and experiences. Research shows that gamification significantly enhances user engagement and, in classroom settings, academic performance, leading to higher success rates and retention. Becker's new e-learning solution blends film, theory and mystery-solving fun to empower learners to use data to solve complex problems and gain new skills. 


Why Red Flag Mania?


Red Flag Mania is a game-based investigative experience that uses true crime stories to teach postsecondary learners concepts of active learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and ethical decision-making in business and accounting courses. The company's simulation-based, immersive learning approach incorporates real people and real stories that result in positive learning outcomes. 

“Combining Red Flag Mania's dynamic and interactive learning modules with Becker's acclaimed expertise in accounting education is a perfect match,” said Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D., CPA, Co-founder of Red Flag Mania. “This alliance will create cutting-edge educational offerings that promise to deliver exceptional, real-world learning experiences, cementing both entities' dedication to nurturing and empowering professionals.” 

This new immersive CPE experience takes place in a world of true crime, mystery and corporate coverups as participants proactively identify and prevent financial crimes. Covering topics in ethics, audit, fraud, tax and business, accountants get to have fun while earning CPE credits (no, CPE and fun are not mutually exclusive!).

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Earn ethics CPE, audit CPE, and more while solving crimes and having fun with Becker + Red Flag Mania CPE courses! Register for live events and don't miss out.

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