5 Tips for Surviving Busy Season

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It’s that time again! Every tax accountant and auditor understands the stress and exhaustion of the busy season. While we can’t lighten your workload, we can offer a few tips to help you survive it. 

  1. Inform your non-accounting family and friends.
    Your loved ones who aren’t a part of the accounting world may wonder why you’re so busy. Remind them that you’ll be out of touch and working longer hours to avoid social expectations that you can’t meet.
  1. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Despite the early mornings and late evenings, be sure to take care of your physical and mental health. Drink water (when you’re not having coffee), go to the gym and eat healthy snacks. Many accountants risk burn-out by sacrificing sleep for their to-do list. Studies show that poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions and can even shorten your life expectancy. Be sure to get enough sleep each night – even during the busy season!
  2. Take breaks when you can.
    Whenever you get the chance, take a break and go for a walk as a refresher. Claire N., an accountant from our Facebook community, goes outside to get the mail as a break. Sarah T. says, “or gladly do the snacks run!”
  1. Stay motivated!
    A positive outlook can make or break your time at work – and can even affect your coworkers. We’re all dreading busy season, but keep your eyes on the horizon! Sarah T. offers her own busy season suggestion, “Work 11-13 hours, sleep 8 hours, the remaining 3-5 hours must include a 30-minute walk and of course showering and eating. Attitude: this misery will end in a couple of months!” This leads us to tip five…
  2. You did it! Now, time to celebrate.
    Plan a celebration for once the busy season is over. Having something fun planned for the end of the busy season may help you stay motivated! Plan a vacation, a fun night out, or even a weekend with nothing but your favorite TV shows – you definitely deserve it.

Just remember that you’re not in this alone. There are plenty of others who understand exactly how demanding this season can be – stick together, you can do this!

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