5 Ways to Stand Out In Your First Year On the Job

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You’ve passed the CPA exam and landed your first job as an accounting professional!

It can be tempting to assume the hard part is behind you now that you’ve successfully passed the CPA exam. The truth is that the working world is full of obstacles that need to be carefully navigated. As you start your career as a CPA, it’s more important than ever to create opportunities to stand out and show your skills as an accounting professional. Luckily, creating a place for yourself in a new work environment doesn’t have to be difficult!

We’ve put together a quick guide full of tips to help any new CPA shine in their first year on the job. Check them out below!

1. Understand The Importance Of Client Relationships

Whether you’re working for a small agency or one of the Big 4, it’s important to remember that ultimately you’re in the business of client services. Clients can be your biggest cheerleaders – nothing speaks to your ability as a CPA more than your boss hearing an important client singing your praises. Paying close attention to the details and taking the time to fully understand your clients’ goals will show that you do what it takes to make each customer feel valued.

2. Learn from Your Network
Networking doesn’t have to take place outside of work. The senior members of your team can provide you with a wealth of knowledge as you begin your accounting career. Don’t miss the chance to take your coworkers to coffee or lunch and pick their brain. Your colleagues are a great place to start with questions you may have about accounting specialties and industry information – and reaching out to them will demonstrate that you have initiative and drive.

3. Don’t Stop Studying After the Exam
One of the biggest mistakes a new CPA can make is thinking they’ve learned all they need to once they’ve passed the exam. The accounting industry is an ever-changing landscape and the best of the best make a point to stay current. Taking time once a week to read industry news can keep your skills sharp and make you more knowledgeable in your day-to-day work. Looking for more ways to advance your industry knowledge? Becker offers 450 NASBA-approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses covering a variety of topics to help keep your accounting skills sharp. While you don’t officially need CPE credits for at least a year after becoming a CPA, there are tons of soft skill courses that can provide value from day one!

4. Showcase and Build on your Specialties
It’s important in your first year as a CPA to showcase your strongest skills while at work. Being a specialist in a certain area of accounting can quickly make you the rockstar of your firm. Take the time to figure out what your best at and hone those skills in the workplace. Not only will it make you more valuable as an accountant, but you may even become the on-site expert that all of your teammates defer to for answers.

5. When in Doubt, Ask for Help
Just as important as showcasing your skills is admitting where you fall short. Pinpointing your areas of weakness will give you an opportunity to improve upon them. It’s important in your first year of accounting to admit when you don’t understand or know something, so you have the chance to learn and improve. Use the growing pains that come with starting your new career as a CPA as your chance to become a better accountant.

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