5 Ways to Prepare for Task-Based Simulations

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You spoke and we listened. Our instructors pulled together a comprehensive list of the top five strategies to help you perform better on task-based simulations. Be sure to post your questions or comments below!

  1. Know the Test Interface:
    On the TBS interface, candidates will have the same count down timer, question bar, and 4 function calculator. You will also have buttons on the right for a spreadsheet and to split the screen horizontally or vertically. On the left, you will find a tab for authoritative literature and possibly another tab that contains additional facts or financial data required to solve the questions asked.
  2. Be Familiar with the Format and Functionality:
    Typically, candidates will encounter two types of problems – one that requires them to select the correct option from the drop-down menu or one that requires them to type the answer into a cell.
  3. Know the Content:
    TBSs can cover any of the topics that are testable on the CPA Exam. For example, FAR can include government and not-for-profit accounting topics, REG generally covers tax-related topics including tax forms, and Audit can cover audits, reviews, compilations, attestation engagements, etc.
  4. Follow a Logical Progression:
    Carefully read the instructions, answer those known first and use the remaining time to address the more difficult questions. Every question must be answered, even if candidates have to use an educated guess.
  5. Time Management:
    Allow 60-75 minutes for the Regulation simulation testlet and 75-90 minutes for Financial and Audit simulation testlets.

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