Accountants: 5 Mobile Apps to Increase Your Daily Productivity

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At the 2019 Becker Tax Conference, Beth Ziesenis (aka Your Nerdy Best Friend) talked about secret tech weapons that can improve any accountant’s daily life. In case you missed it, we’re here to share a few of our favorites.


These 5 apps will increase any accountant’s daily productivity.

1.For when you forget to respond to emails: FollowUpThen

Have you ever read an email, planned to respond later, but then forgot all about it? We’ve all been there!

FollowUpThen serves as a handy reminder to go back and check on those emails. Let’s say you receive an email at 8 a.m. but prefer to read the message at 1 p.m. when you’ll have more time to respond. Simply forward the email to and FollowUpThen will re-send the email at 1 p.m. Done!

2. For when you don’t want to make your own reservations: Google Assistant

Another busy season scenario – needing to make lunch reservations for your team, but you’re dreading the restaurant call. Employ your Google Assistant. Google Assistant will call any registered business and make reservations for you, and it sounds like a real person! Hear for yourself:


If you have an Android, Google Assistant is already installed on your phone. Download Google Assistant for iOS here.


3. For when you’re tired of receiving spam emails:

Check your email. It’s likely full, but how many of your hundreds of emails are truly important to read, instead of spammy promotions? Probably not many.

6-mobile-apps-gif is an email management tool that will find all your email subscriptions and put them on a single list. You can then unsubscribe all at once, rather than scouring through your email and unsubscribing one-by-one. The app also combines all your web-based emails into a single email with listed headlines. Your inbox no longer has to be filled with spam; instead, you can read through what you need all at once.

4. For when you forget an Excel formula: Google Sheets Explore Tool

This is the productivity app every accountant was waiting for – the one relating to Excel.

Next time you use Google Sheets, check out the Explore dialog box. With this tool, you can ask questions relating to your data and get charts and analysis automatically. For example, type in “Create a pie chart of the data in Column E” and Google will return the pie chart you’ve asked for. No formulas or manual chart creations needed.

5. For when you’re looking to automate your everyday life: IFTTT

IFTTT connects the other apps that you use every day and creates automations to make your life easier. Whether you want to receive a weather alert every day at 7 a.m. or sync your Amazon Alexa to-dos with your iPhone reminders, IFTTT can do it all. Even get you out of awkward situations – one of their most-used automations offers a discreet way to trigger a phone call, so you can politely leave any awkward situations or boring meetings. (This one is golden!)

As each of these apps makes your life easier, you should have more time to spend on more important tasks, like issuing financial statements or studying for the CPA exam. Ready to get motivated for the exam? Here are 10 motivational tips from the exam’s top scorers.

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