3 tips to increase your CPA Exam score in 2020

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So, your goal for 2020 is to increase your CPA Exam score on one or more parts of the exam. Trust us, you are not alone. And don’t get discouraged that you may have to take one or more parts of the exam more than once. If your first go-around didn’t meet your benchmarks, use it as a great learning tool: where did you struggle and how can you improve?

We asked the CPA subject matter experts at Becker for tips on regrouping and tackling the CPA Exam once and for all in 2020:

From Angeline Brown, Senior Director of Product Management and Instructor:

Passing the exam is all about being committed to consistent study – set a study schedule that works for you and stick to that schedule. Also, remember that simulations are 50% of the exam score, so don’t cut corners and think you can pass the exam by just practicing MCQs.

From Michael Brown, Director of Product Management and Instructor:

I think the most important thing is understanding why you didn’t score as well as you wanted to or expected.  Was it managing your time ineffectively during your exam?  Was it a specific area of content that was weak and was exposed by the exam questions you received?  Did you underperform on simulations or multiple choice questions?  The answers to these questions should dictate where you invest your time to boost that score on your next attempt.

From Jennifer McAllister, Senior Specialist of Curriculum Development:

Analyze where your weak parts are and reach out to one of your Becker instructors for a personalized tutoring session to go over them and find an effective path in what to focus on. We have such incredible opportunities to maximize myriad tools once a student knows what to focus on.  This is the most efficient and effective way to get one’s scores up in my opinion.

There’s a lot involved with sitting for the CPA Exam, and passing it on the first try doesn’t always happen. But continuing to study, learning from your past struggles and modifying your game plan as needed are all key to overcoming!

Don’t forget, you can also join our Becker study groups on Facebook to leverage other students’ experience and advice. You’ve got this!

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