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In recent years there has been an avalanche of advances in education, driven by harnessing the power of Big Data analytics and leveraging technology to effectively apply the science of teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.

Becker Professional Education, a pioneer in active learning and the thought leader in high-stakes exam review, has been at the center of this pedagogical revolution. Leveraging our deep educational technology expertise and feedback from ongoing student research, we set out to develop a new CPA Exam Review course based on the simple concept of “one-size-fits-one,” which is the core of our Adapt2U philosophy.

Becker’s upcoming new CPA Exam Review Course is the culmination of an investment of nearly $3 million in research and development over the past two years and has been re-engineered to address the needs of the new generation of learners. It is by far the most advanced and sophisticated course we have produced in our nearly 60-year history.

We have re-designed our textbooks for a digital-first, yet print-friendly experience, using graphics, color and layout to promote learning and to complement our highly engaging lectures. We have re-organized the structure of the course so that it better ties to the AICPA Examination Blueprints and provides a streamlined, easy-to-navigate flow that will enhance student learning. The integration of our lectures and eBook in a single specially designed platform allows students study in one place, with features that allow them to control their learning process to match their learning style. We have also created a common user experience across the full spectrum of supported desktop and mobile devices with seamless synchronization technology between platforms.

In order to address the new 2017 CPA Exam’s focus on higher-order cognitive skills, we have added “Skills Practice” modules that provide students with instructor-led guidance on key concepts and allow them to practice applying those concepts through interactive examples. The “Skills Practice” modules leverage custom animations and touchscreen technology for a highly engaging experience. These features result in a personalized, student-centric learning ecosystem that stays true to our proven “Learn, Practice, Review” methodology.

To achieve our “one-size-fits-one” objective, we assembled a development team that included learning scientists, curriculum and instructional designers, subject matter experts, user experience designers, multimedia specialists and software developers. Behind the scenes, we built a learning analytics engine that captures and analyses key student activities within the course. We also modularized the course content into right-sized modules and introduced an optional “Pre-Assessment tool” for each module to gather up-front data on each student’s knowledge of the materials and provide recommendations for a personalized study path.

Our Adapt2U technology allows students to determine for themselves the most efficient and effective study plan to prepare for and pass the CPA Exam. As we begin to leverage the analytics from the tens of thousands of students who take our course annually, our vision is that we will be able to make stronger recommendations and provide predictive insights to help our students efficiently and confidently prepare for exam day.

As a trusted name in CPA Exam Review, delivering the most efficient and effective preparation tools for our students is in our DNA and we strongly believe our upcoming 2017 Exam Review Course is a giant step forward in further fulfilling this commitment to our students.

For more information on the upcoming 2017 CPA Exam Changes and how you can be Becker Prepared, be sure to visit our Exam Change Central for instructor videos, FAQs, our monthly newsletters, sample exam questions and more.

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