CPA Exam Day Ready changes: What you need to know

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As your CPA Exam Review provider, Becker’s ultimate goal is to help you pass the CPA Exam with flying colors. We’re constantly innovating our course to more effectively deliver content and improve your study experience.

Recently, we’ve enacted some new improvements in your CPA course to prepare you even better for exam content. These changes aim to get you even closer to being Exam Day ReadySM*. In fact, Becker’s Exam Day ReadySM students report passing 94% of the CPA Exam sections they attempted in 2020*. Let’s explore some of the most recent changes to your Becker course to get you closer to the Exam Day ReadySM criteria.

How does Exam Day ReadySM work? 

There's two main components to being considered Exam Day ReadySM. You must meet both of these criteria to fall into this category. The criteria are:

  • Lectures + practice questions: Exam Day ReadySM students acquire foundational knowledge by watching at least 80% of lectures and answering at least 80% of practice questions correctly.
  • Exam scores: Exam Day ReadySM students score at least 50% in Becker’s exclusive Mini Exams and Simulated Exams. 

Our Exam Day ReadySM methodology has been so successful that Becker is adjusting several tools to help you achieve your goal of being Exam Day ReadySM.

What’s changing?

A few things are changing related to the different components of Exam Day ReadySM that will affect you as a Becker student. Below, we’ll explore the changes and explain how they’ll affect your Becker experience.

Updated homepages and updated unit pages

A few important updates to both the homepage and unit pages of each section (AUD, FAR, REG, BEC) of your Becker course will be made to keep you on track. The changes include:

  • Removal of stars and badges: You provided feedback, and we listened! Our students told us that understanding performance, previously measured by proficiency badges, was unclear. Starting December 2nd, 2021, we've updated the design so that you can easily see how your performance tracks towards the goal of becoming Exam Day ReadySM. This change will take place on both the homepage and unit pages across the module, unit, and section levels, and will allow you to see percentage progress for each.
1 - AUD in progress


Clearer progress tracking of modules:

Each unit in the new homepage will now have its own Exam Day ReadySM score with a corresponding color (green for above 80%, yellow for below 80%) to easily see if you’re on track


2 - EDR badge


Exam Day ReadySM medal:

The Exam Day ReadySM achievement is indicated with the medal at the end of your progress bar

  • Refreshed homepage: The updated section homepages will allow you to keep track of your assignments, view performance statistics, or access resources and other course tools more intuitively.  
    • New Exam Tracker and Next Step features will keep you on track and moving towards your goal. Our updated Exam Tracker allows you to input your upcoming exam dates, and our countdown indicator will let you know how many days are left to prepare. The Next Step feature highlights the content that’s up next for you to master so you can see what’s ahead. 


3 - REG in progress


Homepage updates:

Improved homepage navigation to more quickly locate additional tools and resources for your study


4 - BEC in progress tracker


New Exam Tracker and Next Step features

Mini Exams

We’re separating the first Simulated Exam into three smaller, bite-sized exams: Mini Exams. Mini Exams will give you exam experience earlier in the studying process, and allow you to test your knowledge more frequently during your study journey and in a real exam-like environment. Mini Exams are different than the Simulated Exams in a few ways:

  • Mini Exams take less than two hours (compared to Simulated Exams that take four hours)
  • Mini Exams serve as knowledge checkpoints, and will now come after the completion of two to three units (instead of after the completion of all units in a section)
5 - Mini Exam BEC in progress

Mini Exam location in your Becker course

6 - Mini Exam final


Mini Exam overview + report


There are no changes to the remaining two Simulated Exams, which are intended for you to complete after all units within a section are finished. Across all four sections, your Becker course will offer eight full Simulated Exams, and 12 mini-exams, for a total of 20 Simulated Exam experiences.

Final Review Simulated Exam 
  • Becker will also introduce a new Simulated Exam into its Final Review course, if you’ve purchased the Final Review add-on. Each section within the Final Review will now feature its own full Simulated Exam (four in total) so you can practice the most challenging concepts in the final days before your exams.
Consolidation of Personalized Review Sessions + Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Becker will consolidate Personalized Review Sessions with our Unlimited Practice Tests, as students told us that they were confused by the two similar tools. Now, Unlimited Practice Tests will serve the same function as Personalized Review Sessions in a clearer and more efficient way, and will continue to personalize content towards your studying needs. 
    • Unlimited Practice Tests can be initiated in either the homepage or within the units page and are fully customizable. These tests allow you to select the information you want to practice, the type and number of questions included on your tests and the modules, units or sections that are covered on the test. You can also choose to have your test questions be adapted to your studying performance with Becker’s Adapt2U technology.
      • Becker’s Adapt2U technology creates these Unlimited Practice Tests by learning from your performance in certain topic areas. This technology uses spaced repetition to help focus on material that gives you trouble, while ensuring you don’t forget material you’ve mastered.

When and where will I see these changes?

You’ll see all of these changes take effect in the course on December 2, 2021.

Why are these changes happening? 

The new enhancements expand the ways Becker helps you get Exam Day ReadySM. Regularly testing your knowledge on CPA Exam content and making your studying progress more transparent ahead of exam day, as well as other changes meant to improve your studying experience, will get you even closer to that threshold. 

Final thoughts

These changes were made with Becker students like you in mind, and aim to help you achieve your goal of passing the CPA Exam. Although these new changes may seem overwhelming if you’re already in the midst of studying, Becker is always here to help. Hear from Becker’s own Mike Potenza on these new changes, or contact us with additional questions at 1-877-272-3926 or 1-877-CPA-EXAM.


Learn more about Becker’s pass rates and Exam Day ReadySMmethodology.


*Pass rate based on those students that met Exam Day Ready threshold and self-reported scores to us in 2020 and is calculated by dividing the total sections passed by total sections attempted across all qualifying students. “Exam Day Ready” threshold means students watched 80% of our lecture videos, answered 80% of our MCQs and TBSs correctly and scored a minimum of 50% on our Simulated Exams. Scores may be reported at any time. We recognize there is an inherent bias to these results as students who do not pass may not share this information with us.

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