How to use Becker's simulated CPA Exams

man taking Becker's simulated CPA exam

The CPA Exam is challenging, but with the right preparation, you can improve your ability to pass. While studying and taking courses are essential, another valuable tool is simulated exams. More commonly called practice tests or practice exams, Becker’s simulated exams mimic the actual CPA Exam, helping you get a feel for what the test is like and better understand task-based simulations

To help you get the best results from Becker’s simulated exams, we’re providing tips on how to use them more effectively. 

The benefits of Becker's simulated CPA Exams

Before diving into best practices, let’s look at the benefits of taking practice CPA Exams.

Understand the format of the exam

Knowing the information on the CPA Exam is one thing, but it also helps to understand how the information will appear on the exam and what to expect. Becker’s simulated exams let you get comfortable with the format so you can develop a strategy for answering the questions.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Taking the simulated exams offers you a clear picture of areas where you excel and where you need to improve. This will show you where to devote more study time to ensure you’re better prepared.

Build confidence in your knowledge

Taking practice CPA Exams also builds your confidence and helps reduce any stress and worry you may experience. Not only will you be more comfortable with the different elements of the test and know what to expect, you’ll also find that you’re successfully retaining information from your courses and study sessions and know you can complete the exam in the allotted time.  

Keeps you on track

Becker’s simulated exams can help motivate you to continue studying and preparing for the CPA Exam. You’ll see how your scores improve and where added focus is needed, plus, you’ll understand the impact of your studying in a real, measurable way.

How to use Becker's simulated exams

Follow the steps below to maximize the effectiveness of your simulated exams and gain valuable insights into your CPA preparation strategies.

Create the ideal testing environment

Make sure you’re taking your practice CPA Exam as closely as possible to the conditions you’ll be taking during the real exam, including:

  • Having all your supplies ready and available to avoid having to get up during the exam
  • Finding a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed. Having noise-cancelling headphones may help.
  • Set a timer for each section to give you the same amount of time to answer the questions as you will when you take the test.

Review your answers after the simulated exam

Reviewing your answers carefully after taking a simulated exam is another important step. Becker includes detailed, in-depth explanations for each answer, so you can see the questions you missed, what the correct answers are and why they are correct. Learning from your mistakes makes you less likely to repeat them.

Track your progress

Becker’s simulated exams include a score report showing you how well you performed on each exam. This report helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses we mentioned above so you can create a more effective strategy for how you study. You can also see the trajectory of your improvement to keep you on track.

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