The best ways to earn CPE virtually in 2021

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Continuing professional education (CPE) is an essential part of every accountant’s career. CPE events and opportunities educate accountants on the skills and knowledge that are necessary in order to effectively complete their jobs. If you are a licensed CPA, you’re required by your state’s board of accountancy to earn a set number of CPE credits each licensing period. Whether you’re a CPA, a CMA, or anywhere in between, you should be seeking out CPE events and accounting CPE conferences in order to maintain your professionalism, competency, and expertise. 

You can earn CPE credits in a variety of ways. The most common is by attending CPE events, including an in-person or online course, a webinar, or an accounting conference. Bigger CPE events, like an accounting conference or seminar, are usually worth more CPE credits.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for ways to fulfill your CPE requirements at home virtually. Here are the best three ways to earn CPE credits from the safety and comfort of your home office.

Virtual accounting conferences

If you’re looking for more comprehensive updates on accounting and tax, accounting CPE conferences may be your best bet. Longer CPE events are a great way to earn a large number of CPE credits all at once and learn more information that’s pertinent to your career as an accountant. Conferences for accountants and financial professionals can offer deeper insights than a one-time course. They can also expand your professional network with opportunities to meet others in your field.

Becker is hosting our first virtual accounting and auditing conference on June 3, 2021. At this accounting conference, you’ll earn 9 CPE credits in one day and get up-to-speed after a busy season on critical A&A topics, such as accounting ethics and gender in the workplace. While at the accounting conference, you can visit our virtual lounge to network with other accountants and meet our expert instructors, including Jennifer Louis, CPA, Mike Brown, CPA, John Stevko, CPA, Timothy F. Gearty, CPA, MBA, JD, and Marsha Bonner, CPA. Here’s where you register.

Online CPE courses

You can earn anywhere from two to four CPE credits for individual CPE courses. If you’re looking to earn these credits safely, an online course is your best bet. Enrolling in individual CPE courses can help you get a wider scope of knowledge on different accounting subjects. On-demand courses are a great option for professionals who may not have a full day to spare for a larger CPE event. 

Becker has a vast catalog of CPE courses that is constantly growing. Our CPE courses offer over 600 on-demand topics that are critical to today’s accounting professionals, with backgrounds in accounting, finance, tax, data analytics and more. Our courses take a deep dive into the latest topics, covering updates for A&A, state and federal tax and entity tax issues, along with in-depth reviews of the latest GASB and PCAOB standards, Yellow Book, ethics and more. You can save time and money with our CPE on-demand bundles - a CPE package based on your accounting specialty. Packages are filled with courses designed to help accountants from all backgrounds and levels of experience, and it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

CPE webcasts

CPE webcasts are another viable option for accountants and financial professionals who are needing a CPE solution that is virtual. Webcasts are normally broadcasted at scheduled dates and times. Becker webcasts follow a consistent course schedule on a variety of CPE accounting topics, and you can earn partial credit if you’re unable to attend the entire webcast. Our webcasts offer an immersive video and audio experience with expert instructors and live chat to get immediate answers to your questions. Here’s where you can find our diverse webcast topics

As things remain unknown, rest assured that there are still safe ways to stay on top of the profession and maintain your CPE credit requirements. Never forget - Becker is here to help you along the way. Get started on your CPE.

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