Why CPE webinars are the best way to earn credits

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As a CPA, you know that continuing professional education (CPE) is essential to maintaining your license. But if your busy schedule makes it difficult to find and attend CPE courses and you're looking for the fastest, simplest way to get credits, you may not know where to start. Fortunately, CPE webinars for CPAs are a great way to fulfill your CPE requirements quickly and easily, while still getting the knowledge and information you need to stay at the top of your career.  

To help you determine if they're right for you, we're sharing a few benefits of CPE webinars over other options. 

Is there a difference between CPE webinars and webcasts?

In this case, no. We often use "webcast" to discuss our courses, but we can just as easily use webinar. Both refer to online conferencing, and webcasts often refer to large, one-way interactions while webinars are usually smaller with more two-way interaction between students and instructors. At Becker, while our courses may have a higher attendance, there's still plenty of space for questions and answers, and we encourage interaction and engagement! 

CPE webinars offer greater flexibility

Instead of trying to attend in-person CPE courses and events, webinars are online, which offers greater flexibility than in-person CPE courses and events. Not only do you save time (and money!) by not having to travel, but you can also attend them when it suits your schedule. This is so much easier and more convenient than having to shift your schedule around to squeeze in an in-person class or seminar. 

Since you can attend CPA CPE webinars from anywhere with an internet connection, you can credits from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or tablet or you can even attend a short webinar during your lunch hour at work. That’s a win-win as a busy CPA who wants to achieve or maintain a work-life balance while obtaining your continuing education.

CPE webcasts offer greater variety

In-person events are fairly limited in the courses they have available, but CPE webcasts and webinars offer a wide variety of options covering a broad range of topics. You can be more particular to find courses that genuinely interest you or would benefit your career rather than having to choose what's available. At Becker, we have over 1,000 live webcasts and flexible scheduling options to choose from. 

CPE webcasts are an easy way to interact with experts

Just because webinars are online, that doesn’t mean they’re impersonal. As we mentioned above, CPE webinars for CPAs are live, streaming courses that allow you to interact with the presenter and other participants. This is a great way to ask questions, get clarification, and network with other professionals.

This format also typically includes a question-and-answer session with subject matter experts. These Q&As offer even more opportunities to learn from accounting experts in your functional area.

Watch recorded CPE webinars on your own time

Many CPE webcasts offer the option to view a recorded version of them if you can't attend live. This provides additional flexibility and convenience, making it easier to fit a CPE webinar into your busy schedule.

With on-demand CPE webcasts, you don't have to slow down for others or rush to keep up. You can pause the course, take notes, and rewind as needed. This helps you better absorb the information and learn more effectively.

Plus, recorded webinars give you the opportunity to revisit sessions you previously attended, usually as many times as you want. This is great for when you need a refresher or feel like you missed something from a CPE webcast course.

Stay ahead of industry changes with CPE webcasts

In-person CPE courses are limited by the resources of the course provider, the instructor, and the location. Online webinars are far less constrained. They provide access to a wider selection of topics and can be offered at a lower cost, making it easier to stay up to date with industry changes and developments.

Becker CPE webcasts are led by experienced accounting professionals who are experts on the latest accounting trends, challenges, regulations, and technology. They keep you well ahead of the curve, giving you an edge in the constantly evolving accounting industry.

Get a free CPE webinar from Becker

At Becker, we’re committed to helping CPAs achieve their professional goals and offer a wide range of CPE webinars that cover a broad range of highly relevant and valuable topics. And it’s why we choose experienced accounting professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed to lead them. To experience The Becker Difference firsthand, get a free CPE course

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