Charting a custom-tailored journey to student success

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A program built with flexibility in mind

In the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), most students complete all four CPA Exam Review classes for academic credit, but the approach to each one is individualized. MAcc students can take the four review classes in any order, in any semester. Along with course flexibility, the MAcc program values custom mentorship, with faculty coaching built into the course requirements. Curating courses to a student’s individual schedule and making space for mentorship are just two of the reasons why MTSU’s program is a success.

How does MTSU extend that success even further? Students are able to set their own study plan each semester, using Becker material to independently study for the CPA Exam. From Master Instructor Coordinator Rebecca Foote tracking every student’s progress and performance with Becker’s Navigator tool to Becker’s unlimited simulated exams and self-study abilities, students are preparing to handle the CPA Exam on their own terms, when they’re ready for it. “When they’re using Becker, and Becker indicates that they’re ready, students can walk into the exam with confidence,” said Foote. “Because Becker is tried and true.”

“I’ll check in on my students and see what they’re working on through Becker Navigator, which prevents interruptions to their study time.”

Rebecca Foote, CPA

Master Instructor Coordinator

Navigator: the compass for student support

At MTSU, Professor Foote champions Becker’s Navigator tool as an integral part of the CPA Exam Review courses in the MAcc program because it allows her to engage with students like never before. She not only has the ability to check in on her students’ course progress, but she also can see where they’re struggling in real time, which lets her productively prepare for one-on-one meetings. “I always look at the Navigator report before I go into a meeting with a student,” said Foote. “With Navigator, we can have a productive conversation about where they are in Becker, what they need and what their plan for success is.” Beyond Navigator, MTSU also uses Becker’s unlimited simulated exams. With this resource at their disposal, students are able to test their knowledge, familiarize themselves with CPA Exam questions and get a good idea of where they are before they sit. For Foote, these simulated exams are an integral part of student success: “There’s no pressure to pass, but there’s pressure around not being ready. And a student is not going to be ready if they don’t use Becker’s simulated exams.”

The support students need, when they need it

Foote employs a custom and personal approach she applies to each student’s journey. “If a student’s doing fine, we don’t need to meet. If I see a student is falling behind or struggling, then we’ll meet. And sometimes, students just want to meet because it keeps them accountable.” In addition to coursework, Foote emphasizes the importance of building the soft skills, like time management and study strategies, that will bring students success in their careers. Due to MTSU’s rigorous MAcc curriculum, Becker CPA Exam Review, Becker Navigator and great mentorship, Foote has a strong foundation through which she can help prepare students to be their best.


The curriculum of MTSU’s MAcc program was designed to help students pave their own unique way to exam-day success. And the CPA Exam scores show the impact that a flexible program and curated mentorship has on MAcc students: “Pass rates have gone up since we’ve allowed the MAcc program to be an individualized journey. It helps students navigate what is appropriate for success everywhere.”

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