Becker Promise Policy

We designed our rigorous coaching system and CPA Exam Review to give you the right tools to prepare you, mentally and emotionally, for the big exam. The Becker exam day advantage is our comprehensive study and coaching system that combines powerful practice tools with expert instructors to promote focused preparation every step of the way. We’re confident that you’ll feel prepared come exam day, but what happens if you don’t pass on your first try?

The Becker Promise is Becker’s tuition waiver program for candidates without unlimited access who complete our review course, but do not pass the CPA Exam. We want all of our students to succeed on the CPA Exam, which is why we offer this guarantee.

The Becker CPA guarantee? To provide you with the greatest opportunity to pass the CPA Exam by using our comprehensive CPA Exam Review and time-tested approach. If you use Becker’s CPA Exam Review but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our review course at no additional tuition cost, through a tuition waiver if you satisfy all Becker Promise eligibility requirements.

Becker Promise eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Becker Promise, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Correctly complete 90% of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulation problems and complete at least one simulated exam with a score of at least 50% correct for each section of the course for which you want to exercise the Becker Promise.

  • Provide a CPA Exam score report showing that you sat for the respective section of the exam and failed during your 24-month Becker license period. For example, to earn the Becker Promise for FAR, you must provide a score report showing that you failed the FAR exam during your 24-month Becker license period. You must submit the score report(s) showing the failed section(s) within 90 days after course expiration.

If both requirements are met, we’ll give you a 3-month extension for every CPA Exam part for which you have earned the Becker Promise - FOR FREE. The Becker CPA Promise can be earned only once for each section of the CPA course.

If you need an additional extension beyond the 3-month period earned with the Becker CPA guarantee, you can (within 90 days of course expiration):

  • Upgrade to the Premium package to receive unlimited access to all four sections of the course, plus one free tutoring session, or

  • Purchase a 3-month extension for a single section of the course.

If you do not meet the Becker CPA guarantee requirements, you will be able to purchase an upgrade to the Premium package to receive unlimited access to all four sections of the course or purchase a 3-month extension for a single section of the course. This upgrade to the Premium package or 3-month extension must be completed within 90 days after course expiration.

Redeeming the Becker Promise

Once you’ve met the Becker CPA Promise eligibility requirements, you’ll need to contact us to redeem your tuition waiver. To redeem the tuition waiver, please submit your completed CPA Exam score report via email to or via fax at 866-398-7375. You do not need to provide proof of course content completion. This will be automatically captured via the course platform.

The Becker CPA guarantee is not exclusive to the format in which it was originally earned. It may be used for any course format that is available at the time you redeem the tuition waiver.

Prior to August 9, 2019, the following Becker Promise rules applied:

  • 2018 Course: Students were required to view 100% of the skills practice, and correctly complete 90% of all multiple-choice questions and simulations for each section in order to qualify for the Becker Promise.

  • Cohort program students eligible for the Becker Promise tuition waiver will be submitted by cohort instructors to the Becker administrative group shortly after the course deadline.

  • Keller students please refer to your syllabus for your course/grade requirements and attendance requirements. Becker Promise certificates are only issued to Keller students who earn a satisfactory mark in the course.

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