Prometric CPA Exam Guide: 6 Tips for Day of the CPA Exam

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Prometric is one of the top assessment and testing centers in the world, and the Prometric CPA Exam is highly trusted and secure. The company has a plethora of technology and procedures that ensure test-taking security. Most recently, Prometric has also implemented precautionary measures for COVID-19. 

As you gear up to sit for CPA Exam day, you should know exactly what to expect. Here are a half dozen CPA Exam day tips that will come in handy after you create your Prometric CPA schedule

Prometric CPA Exam Day Tips 

1. Arrive early

Upon arrival at the Prometric testing center, you’ll need to check-in with valid identification and lock away your belongings. With these procedures, you’ll need extra time to get settled before you sit for the CPA Exam. On exam day, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the appointed time to ensure admission. 

This is quite important, for if you’re denied admission, you will not be eligible for a refund. Also, keep in mind that the Prometric CPA reschedule results in a fee, if not done more than 30 days prior to exam day. Make no mistake: on this crucial day, if you’re not early, you’re late.

2. Pack your exam-day belongings ahead of time

Before you leave to sit for the CPA Exam, check your email for the required Prometric CPA Exam day items. This usually includes your NTS form and two forms of ID. Here’s a more comprehensive list of things to bring with you on CPA Exam day. If you forget to bring the proper identification, you may need a Prometric CPA reschedule. 

While you’re at it, set out a comfortable exam day outfit ahead of time as well. In case you’re running late, this will help you save time and ensure that you’re still able to arrive at the Prometric testing center 30 minutes early. 

3. Know the prohibited items

Once you’ve gone in to sit for the CPA Exam, your personal belongings will be placed in a locker. This includes cell phones and other electronics, food and drink, notebooks and personal testing aid materials, watches and outerwear. You’re also prohibited from using your cell phone or any other communications device while on breaks. 

Be prepared to be without your personal items for the duration of the exam. For an updated and comprehensive list of prohibited items, visit Prometric’s Test Center Regulations page

4. Get familiar with the testing software

Prometric CPA Exam software includes a basic calculator. Hand-helds are forbidden. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Prometric testing software using the Becker simulated exams and Becker’s Guided Simulated Exam Reviews. Simulated exams are a helpful and cost-effective way to ensure all of your preparation pays off.

To learn what you can expect, hear it from Daniel Goldberg, a high-scoring Becker student:

“In terms of preparing for exam day, Becker’s simulated exams probably helped me the most. One of the best pieces of advice I received from one of my professors was to recreate the testing conditions as closely as possible when studying. Before my first exam, I didn’t really know what to expect and I hadn’t taken many exams that were as long as the CPA Exam. But with Becker’s exact number of questions, topic mix and software experience as the real thing, it was as if I was at the Prometric center sitting for the exam. This was especially helpful for my last test when I was able to take these simulated exams with a mask on to practice wearing one for such a long period of time.”

5. Treat all questions equally

Each testlet can include pretest questions, which are used to develop future exams. They are not used in computing exam scores. The important advice here is to never guess whether a question is a pretest one or not. All questions should be answered as if they count towards your exam score. There are approximately 10-15 multiple-choice questions and 1 task based simulations/written communications pretest question per section of the CPA Exam.

6. Don’t forget your face mask!

By now, bringing your mask with you is as routine as bringing your phone and wallet, but on exam day it can be easy to forget. Due to COVID-19, Prometric now requires exam takers to wear a face mask for the duration of the CPA Exam. Get comfortable wearing your face mask for longer periods of time indoors and at a desk. The best way to practice wearing a face mask during your CPA Exam day is to wear a mask as you take a Becker simulated exam, included with your Becker CPA Exam Review. 

For more information relating to COVID-19 and Prometric CPA Exam, check Prometric, NASBA and AICPA updates

Preparing for the CPA Exam requires a significant investment of time, energy and finances. As you review as many flashcards as your evening will allow, don’t forget that preparation for the CPA Exam day itself is just as important. Good luck!

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