CPA Exam Final Review

A condensed review that reinforces your understanding of the most challengeing concepts on the CPA Exam. It offers completely new lectures, multiple-choice questions and simulations designed to get the most out of your final hours of study time. Available in either self-study or live formats.

Studying at a glance

  • Completely new lectures delivered in short modules to optimize your study time
  • Materials organized to focus on challenging topics
  • Questions that are tightly aligned with lectures to reinforce your understanding of key concepts
  • A full suite of integrated learning tools for note taking, highlighting, searching, etc.
  • 40 hours of video lectures
  • Over 800 multiple-choice questions
  • Over 100 task-based simulations

Final Review can be purchased per part individually for $165 each or in a bundle package for all four-parts in for $495.

Final Review is only available to current Becker students.

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"Becker made all the difference! Not only have I passed the CPA exam, but I have a new career as an auditor that I love. I thought I was too old to go back to school, change careers and pass the CPA exam. But with Becker's help, I was able to do it!"

Martin Ely Phoenix, AZ

Internal Revenue Service

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