December Alumni Spotlight Peter Trandem

Peter Trandem is Becker's December 2023 Alumni Spotlight! He is a 2018 graduate of the Carlson School's Master of Accountancy Program and an active CPA and CIA. He works as an Internal Audit Lead, focusing on Complaints and lectures at the University of Minnesota on the implementation of Internal Controls.

We got to ask Peter a few questions about his journey to becoming a CPA!

What inspired you to become an accountant and choose to pursue your CPA license? 

I was inspired to become an accountant in high school. I joined the business club BPA as an afterschool activity and learned I had a natural affinity for accounting. I decided to pursue a CPA license after my professors indicated how prestigious the licensure was in the workforce. 

What motivates you? 

When I was younger, it was the stereotypical answer – money. Now, I’ve found I get much more satisfaction in simply knowing my field and others being able to rely on me as a source of information. 

Why did you choose to use Becker for your studies? Which tool or resources did you find most valuable? 

I found Becker to be the most comprehensive option available. The materials were thorough, up to date, and the administrative support provided to me by Becker compared to its competitors was superb. I found the practice questions the most helpful.

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