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In 2020, Becker Exam Day Ready students reported passing 94% of the CPA Exam sections they attempted. *Click for details on our CPA Exam pass rates calculation.

If your organization has a direct-bill or preferred provider arrangement for you to prepare for the CPA or CMA Exam or earn CPE with Becker, simply click on your organization name to visit your dedicated ordering page.





Federal Government/Military: Student Paid

Federal Government & Military: Agency Paid

State & Local Government: Student-Paid

State & Local Government: Agency Paid

*Pass rate based on those students that met Exam Day Ready threshold and self-reported scores to us in 2020 and is calculated by dividing the total sections passed by total sections attempted across all qualifying students. “Exam Day Ready” threshold means students watched 80% of our lecture videos, answered 80% of our MCQs and TBSs correctly and scored a minimum of 50% on our simulated exams. Scores may be reported at any time. We recognize there is an inherent bias to these results as students who do not pass may not share this information with us.

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