Becker Textbook Transition Policy

CMA Textbook Transition Plan

With the upcoming CMA Exam changes effective September 2024, Becker is updating our textbooks and course content to match the updated exam. If your Becker course includes printed textbooks, please be aware of the following dates:  

Textbook Transition Plan

  • May 22, 2024 - the last day to redeem the current Becker CMA Exam Review printed textbooks (V1.1 valid for testing through June 30, 2024) with content designed under the current exam structure (Part 1 and Part 2). Printed textbook redemption orders placed after this date will be put on hold until July 2 when the new CMA printed textbooks will ship. 
    • Individuals who would like the current textbooks after the May 22 date listed above, and plan to sit for the exam before the end of June, are urged to contact Becker Customer Service at (877) 272-3926 in the US, or (630) 472-2213 internationally. Redemption of these textbooks is subject to availability and possible delayed delivery. 
    • Individuals who would like the new textbooks can place orders starting on May 23 (orders will not ship until July 2). 
  • May 23, 2024 - The first day to order the new CMA printed textbooks (V2.0) for students who have previously redeemed a textbook for a specific exam part. This can be done at a discounted price (listed below) for a limited time (orders will not ship until July 2). Replacement textbooks (V2.0) can be ordered here:  
  • July 2, 2024 - the day Becker's new CMA Exam Review printed textbooks (V2.0 available for testing starting September 1, 2024) will be available and shipped to those who redeemed after May 22. The new digital textbooks will also be available in the course on July 2. 
  • October 31, 2024 - the last day for students who have already redeemed a printed textbook for one or more exam parts to order a discounted V2.0 replacement textbook for that respective exam(s).

Replacement Textbooks

Becker's standard V2.0 replacement printed textbook price is $125 (including standard shipping). We are offering a limited-time discounted price of $60 (including standard shipping) per textbook for any student who would like to order a replacement printed textbook that matches the updated CMA Exam content. This discounted rate is available until October 31, 2024.

Students will always have access to download and print the updated digital textbook pages for free within your course if they do not wish to pay for a discounted replacement textbook.

Learn more about the upcoming CMA Exam changes here. For any questions, please call Becker Customer Service at (877) 272-3926 in the US, or (630) 472-2213 internationally.


CPA Evolution Textbook Transition Plan

In advance of the launch of the AICPA's CPA Evolution, Becker is transitioning physical textbooks for students:

Physical Textbook Content

  • Current Content: Reflects the AICPA’s existing Exam structure (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG), testable through December 15, 2023.
  • New Content: Reflects the AICPA’s new CPA Evolution Core (AUD, FAR, REG) + Discipline (BAR, ISC, TCP) model testable beginning January 10, 2024.


Textbook Transition Plan

October 3, 2023 – As previously announced, Becker will release an updated course covering New Content aligned with the AICPA’s revised Core + Disciplines format as part of CPA Evolution.

  • On this date, students will also have access to digital textbooks covering New Content.
  • On or after October 3, 2023, students can redeem the New Content physical textbooks and the Current Content physical textbooks within the CPA course on the Manage Sections page.
    • Current Content textbooks will be subject to availability and may experience delayed delivery.


Replacement Textbooks

Becker will offer a discounted price of $50 for physical textbook replacements to anyone who purchased a course before October 3, 2023. For example, if you have already redeemed the 2023 FAR physical textbook and plan to take the FAR Exam in 2024, you should consider ordering a replacement textbook for FAR for $50 so you can study the updated textbook that is aligned with CPA Evolution.

The prices will be discounted for 120 days, until February 3, 2024. This discounted price of $50 includes standard shipping. The cost of a replacement textbook with expedited shipping will be discounted to $95. Replacement physical textbooks can be purchased online at our Replacements & Upgrades page.

On February 4, 2024 – All replacement textbooks will revert to the $125 standard cost.

Thru Oct 2, 2023

October 3, 2023 – February 3, 2024
$125 Current Content: AUD, FAR, REG$125 discounted to $50 New Content: AUD, FAR, REG
$125 Current Content: BEC Section$125 discounted to $50 New Content: ISC, BAR, TCP


BEC Structure Change and Textbooks:

The AICPA is replacing the BEC section of the CPA Exam with three discipline sections, BAR, ISC, TCP.
Any student who has purchased Becker CPA Review before October 3, 2023, and:

  • Has not yet redeemed the BEC physical textbook will be eligible to redeem one Discipline section textbook at no additional cost.
  • Has redeemed the BEC physical textbook will need to purchase a Discipline section textbook. Becker will provide discounted Discipline textbooks at a cost of $50 (discounted from $125) from October 3, 2023, until February 3, 2024.


For questions, please contact Becker Customer Service at (877) 272-3926 in the US or (630) 472-2213 Internationally

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