Don't sleep on accounting: The best careers for remote work

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Before the pandemic, working remotely was rare. Most of us used to go into the office five days a week without batting an eyelash. Now that we’re years out from stay-at-home orders, working from home has gone from a perk to an expectation. The inability to work remotely is one of the top reasons workers leave their jobs¹. 

When we think of remote-friendly companies that are hiring, tech--with its innovation- and disruption-forward values--is probably the first industry that comes to mind. But when factoring in career stability and market demand, accountants--not tech workers--are the hottest talent remote-friendly companies are recruiting for right now². 

Have we caught your attention? If you’re looking at the best careers for remote work, keep reading to see why accountants have the upper hand in today’s job market. 

When did accounting become one of the best careers for remote work?

Talent shortage 

Accounting is in transition. Over the past seven years, the AICPA’s membership has decreased by 15,000 members³. Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and the number is only expected to rise. The average age of active CPAs is 52 years old⁴, and more CPAs are predicted to retire in the next 10 years. 

On top of the exodus of CPAs leaving the workforce, there isn’t a pipeline to replace them. Declining student enrollment in the accounting major suggests that the profession doesn’t appeal to younger generations. 

Accounting firms are eager to fill positions, so they’re more likely to offer sought-after, modern benefits--like enacting remote-friendly policies--to attract new talent. Doing so also expands their pool of qualified candidates, ensuring that geography doesn’t hinder them from hiring the best candidate for the role. 

Global digital transformation 

The best careers for remote work allow you to fulfill all your responsibilities, keep up with the speed of business, and stay connected no matter where you are. Much of the technology CPAs rely on to manage risk, forecast financials, and improve efficiency and productivity can also be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

Eliminating stressors like your daily commute allows you to work in a comfortable space. By giving you more time to “fill your cup” with activities like exercise, sleeping in or spending time with your family, you’ll have more mental bandwidth to devote to your work. Company support for remote work flexibility becomes a no-brainer when they see that it helps accountants and finance professionals stay nimble and able to act as trends, requirements and regulations quickly change. 

Career stability 

Over three-fourths of Gen Z workers worry about losing their junior-level jobs to Artificial Intelligence⁵. While the accounting industry has benefitted from AI-powered efficiencies, these technological advances don’t jeopardize the role of an accountant. The risk of layoffs has been consistently low⁶. While AI takes over many of the redundant and repetitive tasks, employees can hone skills related to forecasting, analysis, and the more cerebral elements of the work⁷. 

Although AI is good at helping us work more efficiently, it can’t replace the human expertise that upholds a firm’s integrity and trust. In this moment of flux from increasing regulatory oversight, speed of innovation and compliance requirements, CPAs are still guarding these pillars of reputation with strategic decision-making that AI can’t perform. But it can clear the way for you to focus on more interesting, impactful work, making accounting one of the best careers for remote work. 

Don’t be late for the future of accounting 

If you’re searching for a career path or looking to pivot from an existing career and are looking at the best careers for remote work, consider accounting and earning your CPA license. Given the analytical nature of accounting work, it’s no wonder companies are offering the option to exchange your rush-hour commute for a walk from your bed to your laptop. Data analysis, preparing tax returns and forecasting, for example, are a few core duties that can be done from anywhere with the right tech setup. Ubiquitous cloud-based communication and project management tools help the cause by facilitating collaboration and confidential file-sharing without sacrificing security or productivity. 

Businesses have always needed CPAs, but as this demand increases over the next decade, you’ll be uniquely positioned to transform your career as more firms leverage AI to handle your tedious tasks. As a CPA, your strategic expertise will become indispensable to creating impact for your company and career. Employers searching for CPA talent to step into Baby Boomers’ shoes are ready to meet today’s candidates where they are--in their home office. 

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