How to minimize your CMA Exam costs

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Considering the next step in your accounting career? CMA certification should be at the top of your list! Achieving your CMA boosts your career development, as it provides professional advancement, knowledge expansion and potentially a higher salary. CMAs can work in many different industries in a diverse range of job titles – and who doesn’t love some career flexibility?   

If you’re seriously considering this prestigious certification, you’ve likely already started researching the costs associated with earning it. You may find a four-figure dollar amount for taking the exam – not even considering the future cost of maintaining certification with CPE.  

Don’t be discouraged! There are ways to minimize your CMA Exam costs. Discover how Becker can help give you the best chance of passing the exam, while also minimizing your costs, making the most of your time and accelerating your journey toward management accounting success. 


3 tips to manage your CMA Exam costs with Becker 


1. Do whatever it takes to pass the first time 

It costs you time, energy and money to retake the CMA Exam. If you don’t pass a part of the CMA Exam the first time, you’ll need to repay the initial exam entrance fee. You’ll also need to commit to additional study hours.   

Let’s cut this cost by giving you the tools you need to be ready on exam day. The Becker CMA Exam Review captures the feeling and pacing of the exam itself with textbooks, multiple-choice questions, essay questions and simulated exams featuring content that’s always the most up to date. Becker provides you with the greatest opportunity to pass the CMA Exam. So much so that if you use our product and don’t pass the exam during your license term, you can request a course extension for free


2. Study smarter and harder 

Keeping your costs down also means making your CMA Exam study time count. With an intuitive user experience and AI-powered personalization that adapts to your needs as you prep, Becker CMA Exam Review can help you acquire knowledge faster by providing the information when and how you need it. This ensures you’re squeezing every drop of value out of every hour you study. 


3. Get the benefits of an instructor—minus the tuition or tutoring costs 

Instructors go a long way toward helping you pass the CMA Exam the first time, but tuition and tutoring fees can quickly burn through even the most liberal CMA prep budgets. Becker CMA Exam Review delivers the best of both worlds: connecting you with experts who can assist your studies and answer your questions through all-in-one packages instead of separate fees. Get structured, real-time learning with live webinar courses and access virtual 1-on-1 sessions with certified instructors.* 

*1-on-1 sessions included with the Becker CMA Review Pro package. 


Is becoming a CMA worth the cost? 

The cost of earning CMA certification can seem daunting, no matter where you are in your career. Try to remember the opportunities that open once you’ve crossed the finish line.  

Some of these benefits include: 

  • Expanding your industry knowledge 

  • Prestige and recognition – in the US and internationally  

  • The potential for a higher salary 

So, while the costs are high, your career development is well worth the financial effort. Becker is here to support every step of the way – helping you pass the exam the first time and providing CPE to support you once you’ve earned CMA certification.  


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